Re: The Running Program
[11 Feb 1997]

The running program is part of the RPF.

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Subject: Re: The Running Program
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 1997 20:02:43 -0800
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> (Cornelius Krasel) wrote:
> I always wondered who had invented the Running Program, and inbetween
> was under the impression that it was David Miscavige, creating it
> especially for David Mayo and friends.
> However, when reading through the Martin Ottmann declaration, I
> stumbled upon the following paragraph:
> RPFers have to do hard physical labor the whole day. Any order a RPFer
> has received by his senior he has to fulfill. In case he would
> "backflash", the Flag Order 87 "Rocks and Shoals", 2 September 1967,
> would be applied by his senior: The RPFer has to run around the next
> building, until he had "boiled off".
> This would indicate that the Running Program was an invention by LRH
> himself (assuming that FO 87 was written by LRH), and that a pole was
> used instead of a building for some unknown reason.
> Anyone who could post the full text of the FO? Sounds like interesting
> material.
> --Cornelius.
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Flag Order 87 is titled "Titles of Address (Add Etiquette)", not "Rocks
and Shoals". FO 87 is where the definition of "rocks and shoals" given in
the Tech Dictionary is taken from. It says: "Rocks and shoals, in most
Sea Organizations a list of penalties is called rocks and shoals and is
read out to the crew at muster. The conditions are our rocks and shoals."

The penalty could be just about anything ranging from "overboarding" of
someone, galley duty, removing barnacles from the ship, or cleaning out
the bilge. The penalty was almost always something very unpleasant, and
the penalty (amends) are done in addition to one's usual post duties,
which is to say *after* 10:30 PM in most SO orgs.

The Flag Order 3434 Series covers the RPF Program. The are numerous issues
numbered beginning with FO 3434, 3434-1, 3434-2, 3434-3, etc.

In PAC, the RPF ran around the Complex Building. In the desert an RPFer
would probably run around a tree or pole or rock - whatever. Per LRH tech,
the important part to him was that the RPFer *ran* _everywhere_ he/she went.

The running program is part of the RPF. I don't believe ElRon "invented"
it as part of the RPF. He claimed that it caused a person to extrovert or
"exteriorize". In reality it exhausted people.

"Some of the district courts which have considered the trade secret status of the
advanced technology materials have found that they have entered the public domain."
-the Honorable Judge Whyte in RTC & BPI v. Netcom, Erlich and Klemesrud
Realize that if you are a Scientologist reading this, your cult's policy says
that you are committing a "SUPPRESSIVE ACT" by doing so, unless it is your "hat"
to be a "terminal" on a "post" whose "duty" is to "handle PTSes and SPs"!!!
So, are you an "Ethics Officer", or are you an "SP"?

MikeSmith3 and Whippersnapper: I am especially talking to YOU!

Miss X - Another Old Timer and "OT" who "cognited" on the LIES written by
ElRon and perpetuated by his cult followers