Re: More LIES of ElRon re: Supreme Being
[04 Feb 1997]

I once thought Scientology worked for me. Then I found out the WHOLE
TRUTH of what ElRon said. I walked away from it feeling betrayed for
having trusted Hubbard.

From: Miss X <>
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Subject: Re: More LIES of ElRon re: Supreme Being
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 1997 23:23:45 -0800
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The DEAD (thank God!) and formerly drug-crazed, fat, ranting and
"Body Thetan" infested El Ron wrote in another amphetamine-inspired
rant full of LIES:

"It is carefully observed here that the science [sic] of Scn does not
intrude into the dynamic of the Supreme Being. ... This can be called the
infinity or God dynamic."

Miss X questioned, quoting Hublard's LIE:

"Does not intrude into the dynamic of the Supreme Being" ?!?!

Then Miss X stated:

This is a big, big lie! Ask anyone who has heard the Class 8 tapes (who is
not a $cieno in "good standing", since he/she won't give you the truth -
or what they call "verbal tech") and you will hear that Hub Lard said that
"there was no man on the cross" and that people's belief in Jesus is just
part of the "R6 bank" (implant)."

> Charles Lakes ( replied:
> Is this what you ARDs mean by brainwashing?

ARDs = Asinine Rondroid Delusionals, so you must be talking about
yourself, Charles!

> The Christian Church has done such an amazing job of indoctrinating the
> entire world that the "Supreme Being" has to automatically refer to the

And HubLard redefined GOD to mean himself! It is even a law in the Sea Org
that Sea Org members must go "HIP HIP HOORAY!!! and smile while clapping
to his sinister image! Even students do this at the false-GOD brainwashing
stations called Orgs. They even pay LARGE SUMS of money to be able to do
voodoo with pieces of clay. They call it "Clay table healing". Really. Look
it up if you have never heard of it! It's in the REDRUM Vols and Trash

> Whether or not Hubbard has made the comments you're talking about,
> does not, in any way, contradict his statement that Scientology does
> not intrude upon the 8th dynamic.

Oh GREAT!! Another stupid Scieno who "never heard" what I quoted. You
remind me of Ginny and Jim who called in to the KTAR radio station
and said they never heard of certain pieces of ElRon's rants. Perhaps
you "NOT-IS'D" it. Maybe you have a "CRASHING MU". Or perhaps you are
so brainwashed that you just think HubLard must be right because HE
said so? Don't you Scienos R-E-A-D? Don't you care what the FOUNDER
of your so-called "religion" wrote or said or believed? You had better
FIND OUT whether HubLard made the statements I have quoted for your own

I have a cert from American Saint Hill saying that I am "SUPER LITERATE".
Do you have one Charles? I even quoted the reference where HubLard's LIES
are. Are you too lazy to look the materials up? Or are you "in denial"
(not-is'ing) what PHAT ONE said?

> I always took this to mean that Hubbard isn't going to tell
> anyone what to believe about God.

Well you DO have a BIG misunderstood here! HubLard says that the "HELATROBUS
IMPLANTS" are the "Heaven implants". It's on the Saint Hill Special Briefing
Course, Charles!! Go listen to tape 6305C23, Saint Hill Special tape 268
entitled "State of OT" and 6305C21, Saint Hill Special tape 266 "The
Helatrobus Implants". Maybe HubLard isn't telling others what to believe,
but he is telling YOU WHAT HE believes. And you follow this

> And, indeed, I have NEVER been led to believe anything in particular
> about God.

That's probably because you haven't gotten to the "advanced" courses!
Apparently you have only half of HubLard's "tech" - the PR (sugar-coated)
part that the rest of the world reads in his for-mass-distribution books
like _What Is Scientology?_. If only the world KNEW EVERYTHING HubLard
said about God! Then he would be seen for what he was -- the Anti-Christ
and a madman...

> Even you yourself admit that the only time Hubbard speaks on
> this area in any contraversial [sic] way is in and on the advanced courses.

I don't "admit" this. I emphatically state that HubLard was a LIAR
and a drug abusing psychotic.

> In his book, Science of Survival, Hubbard makes it clear that he
> believes in God, stating this many times, in many ways.

I am sorry to disappoint you, Charles, but HubLard did not believe in
God (unless you define God to mean ElRon HubLard). Besides, Science
of Survival was published in 1951. The Saint Hill Special Briefing
Course (where he talks about the "Heaven implants") was a later
"discovery" or "breakthrough" that HubLard issued. You really must
get ALL the "tech", Charles. You need to do the Briefing Course, or
do a "retread" or "retrain" if you already did the SHSBC.

> For example, he writes: "One might postulate two more realities.
> The first is that of the Supreme Being. No culture in the history of the
> world, save the thoroughly depraved and expiring ones, has failed to
> affirm the existence of a Supreme Being. It is an empirical observation
> that men without a strong and lasting faith in a Supreme Being are less
> capable, less ethical, and less valuable to themselves and society."

IF (and in my mind that's a BIG 'if') HubLard actually believed what
he wrote, then why does he contradict himself later? He said in 1963 that
"Heaven is an implant" called "the Helatrobus implants" and that they "are
implanted by Helatrobus, an interplanetary nation." And that they "are
actually a long chain of engrams, each of which has basics." The references
on these quotes are SHSBC tapes 266, 268 and 272 - #s 6305C21, 6305C23
and 6306C11, respectively. Have you listened to these tapes, Charles? Do
you know what HubLard REALLY said? Do you??

Another question I have for you is this: Isn't it simply marvelous
that HubLard was the "only one to recall" such incidents like the
"great cataclysm that occurred in this sector of the Universe", i.e.,
the "Wall of Fire Incident"?? Do you know that ElRon had a drug habit
of long duration? Do you?

> If his continuing research caused him to redefine the Christian God (You seem
> to know more about it than I do) in his own mind, is no reason that anyone
> else MUST change his own opinion about the Christian God. Science of
> Survival is perfect for demonstrating how and that Hubbard's work was
> always changing and growing, by being the perfect nexus being Dianetics,
> mental healing technology, and Scientology, applied religious philosophy.
> So, the fact that he might have, eventually, in the course of his
> inquiries, clarified certain concepts from another theology is no reason
> that he has given up the idea that 1-There IS a GOD and 2-Scientology
> doesn't tell people what to believe about God. The scary question all of
> you AntiRonDroids must answer is "What if Hubbard's RIGHT?" Isn't THIS the
> thought that keeps you awake at night???

When HubLard was trying to sell his book Science of Survival, of course
he wasn't about to come out and say publicly that Heaven was just an implant,
that "there was no man on the cross" (referring to Jesus), etc. The public
would have locked him up as a looney in 1951. Besides, after years of more
drug abuse between 1951 and 1963, BlubLard had gotten even more delusional
and psychotic. But he had the criminal intention to HIDE his REAL beliefs
on the "advanced" courses. Not coincidentally, the "advanced" courses cost
the most!

The point I am making is that the HubLard was a con man. He hooked people
by giving them data they would agree upon. Then once they start "up the
Bridge" to "higher states of awareness" they find out AFTER they have
paid HUGE sums of money that it is all a "PIECE OF BLUE SKY". But the
"TRUTH REVEALED" is on the OT and NOTS and the SHSBC AND Class 8 Courses.
Face it, Charles -- $cientology is a con man's game designed to milk the
maximum amount of money from people suckered into BlubLard's CRAP.

Miss X wrote:

"By then you will either be conditioned (re-programmed) and accept what
CRAP the Hub wrote, or you will be totally disgusted and leave the cult
(which is what I did)."

> Charles Lakes wrote:

> LRH says that what's true is what's true for you. If, for some reason,
> Scientology didn't work for YOU, then you shouldn't be a Scientologist,
> and it was right for you to leave, rather than pretend to be a member.

So, is it TRUE for you that there is a God? If so, is the Hub Bard your
"God"? Or does it work for you that Heaven is an implant? Do you pretend
to yourself that HubLard was a "SANE" person? Do you just pretend to
ignore what I have told you as "verbal tech" or dreaded "ENTHETA"? I have
quoted the references for you. I assure you I know what I am talking
about when I tell you what HubLard said on the Briefing Course.

I once thought Scientology worked for me. Then I found out the WHOLE
TRUTH of what ElRon said. I walked away from it feeling betrayed for
having trusted Hubbard. The man used me and took my time, energy, money
and gave me nothing but CRAP, low-to-no pay, and empty promises. Make
no mistake, Hubbard was a con man.

> But is it really fair to present Scientology and demean it in such a way
> that others, who MIGHT benefit from it, are driven away?

You might as well ask me whether I should allow someone who doesn't know
better to swallow a handful of sleeping pills or to drink hemlock.

> Hubbard talks
> about the "cultural lags" that have occurred in the past, situations were
> certain men, inventers were so ahead of the time that people decried them,
> until time proved them RIGHT. Isn't it just possible that, eventhough YOU
> didn't "get" it, there is STILL something there to "get"??? I mean:
> There are OT VII's and VIII's that have been around for many, many years
> (decades, in some cases). And, in fact, I believe the statistics are
> that there have been NO defections from "OT VIII".

This is not so. There are OT 8s who have left Scientology.

> Obviously, THEY "got" it.

And many more will "get it" and leave Scientology...

> As far as I'm concerned, your lack of success with Scientology says
> more about YOU than it does about Scientology.

Charles, I am a "Founding Sea Org Member". I have commendations from
ElRon personally. The "Org" I was in had "HIGHEST EVERS" and I won
the "BIRTHDAY GAME". I have certs thanking me for my contribution to
the "growth and expansion of Dianetics and Scientology". So what does
that tell you about me and my "success" with Scientology? I worked my
butt off for HubLard, and he game me NOTHING but FALSE HOPES, UNKEPT

> I once (perhaps naively)
> thought that Scientology was for everyone. And, in my heart of hearts, I
> think I will always believe this. But, after reading enough of the posts
> in this [sic] newsgroups, 39949,11976,91.jpg [sic!] and his technologies and, in my
> mind, a part of this hat has to include SANELY responding to the type of
> ignorance I've seen in this newsgroup. I mean: How can I PROMOTE
> Scientology unless I, first, have handle the ignorance people have about
> it?

You can't sanely promote HubLard at all, because you don't even "have
the correct technology". You better get the facts, Charles. Then you
will be telling others the TRUTH. Or would you rather LIE, DENY and CRY

> "Miss X - Another Old Timer and 'OT' who 'cognited' on the LIES
> written by ElRon and perpetuated by his cult followers"

>Charles responded: "Yeah, I'm sure..."

You too will have the awareness that HubLard was a LIAR, one of these

"Some of the district courts which have considered the trade secret status of the
advanced technology materials have found that they have entered the public domain."
-the Honorable Judge Whyte in RTC & BPI v. Netcom, Erlich and Klemesrud
Realize that if you are a Scientologist reading this, your cult's policy says
that you are committing a "SUPPRESSIVE ACT" by doing so, unless it is your "hat"
to be a "terminal" on a "post" whose "duty" is to "handle PTSes and SPs"!!!
So, are you an "Ethics Officer", or are you an "SP"?

MikeSmith3 and Whippersnapper: I am especially talking to YOU!

Miss X - Another Old Timer and "OT" who "cognited" on the LIES written by
ElRon and perpetuated by his cult followers