More LIES of ElRon re: Supreme Being
[25 Jan 1997]

Don't think you can practice Christianity and be a $cientologist at the same time.

Date: Sat, 25 Jan 1997 23:09:22 -0800
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Subject: More LIES of ElRon re: Supreme Being
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The founder of the cult of $cientology, ElRon Hub Lard, as written
in his book Fundamentals of Thought, pages 36-38, and quoted also
in The Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary, page 129,
the "eighth dynamic" is defined as "the urge toward existence as
infinity. This is also identified as the Supreme Being. It is carefully
observed here that the science [sic] of Scn does not intrude into the
dynamic of the Supreme Being. ... This can be called the infinity or God

"Does not intrude into the dynamic of the Supreme Being" ?!?!

This is a big, big lie! Ask anyone who has heard the Class 8 tapes
(who is not a $cieno in "good standing", since he/she won't give
you the truth - or what they call "verbal tech") and you will hear
that Hub Lard said that "there was no man on the cross" and that
people's belief in Jesus is just part of the "R6 bank" (implant).

Sure, you can PAY LOTS OF MONEY to $cientology to take their courses
and get "auditing", but it will be a long time before you get exposed
to the "upper level" SHIT ElRon wrote. In the meantime, you will be
told that $cientology is "open to all faiths". If you stay with
$cientology long enough to get to Class 8 and/or OT3, then you will
find out the REAL story about the so-called "advanced technology"!!

By then you will either be conditioned (re-programmed) and accept what
CRAP the Hub wrote, or you will be totally disgusted and leave the
cult (which is what I did).

But don't think you can practice Christianity and be a $cientologist
at the same time. This would make you "PTS Type H" or "open-minded".
Actually, you won't get onto the "upper levels" if you have been
declared "PTS". You will have to "handle" (drop the Christian practices)
BEFORE you will be allowed to proceed "up the Bridge" to TOTAL LUNACY!!

"Some of the district courts which have considered the trade secret status of the
advanced technology materials have found that they have entered the public domain."
-the Honorable Judge Whyte in RTC & BPI v. Netcom, Erlich and Klemesrud
Realize that if you are a Scientologist reading this, your cult's policy says
that you are committing a "SUPPRESSIVE ACT" by doing so, unless it is your "hat"
to be a "terminal" on a "post" whose "duty" is to "handle PTSes and SPs"!!!
So, are you an "Ethics Officer", or are you an "SP"?

MikeSmith3 and Whippersnapper: I am especially talking to YOU!

Miss X - Another Old Timer and "OT" who "cognited" on the LIES written by
ElRon and perpetuated by his cult followers