Re: Condemning $cientology
[08 Jan 1997]

What is promised is a lot of incredible powers! What is delivered is betrayal,
money-taking, and slave-driving, threatening and heavy-handed "ethics handlings"

From: Miss X <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Condemning $cientology
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 22:43:24 -0800
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> (Jeffrey8) wrote:

> All those who condemn Scientology/Dianetics are just afraid of finding out
> the truth about themselves.

What a false, absolute lie! I have been studied $cientology and Dyin'etics
for thousands of hours. I was never afraid of discovering the truth. In fact,
this is one of the buttons $cn pushed on me to get me involved. I was promised
all sorts of super abilities, told of "OT" powers (like levitating objects,
stopping the hands on a clock by thought, exteriorization, starting a car
with a thought while standing outside of it, reading others' minds, seeing
through walls, and all sorts of SHIT.) You see, this is why $cn IS a bait-
and-switch BUSINESS! What is promised is a lot of incredible powers! What is
delivered is betrayal, money-taking, and slave-driving, threatening and
heavy-handed "ethics handlings". I condemn $igh'ntology because I spent SO
MANY YEARS really applying all the tech and policy. I mean - I WORKED in the
Sea Org for YEARS AND YEARS an average of 96 hours per week. I was DEVOTED.
I was DEDICATED. I was "in-ethics". I have awards from ElRon PERSONALLY!
I have been there. I have seen enough ABUSE and BETRAYAL of good, honest,
hard-working staff that it MAKES ME SICK. I personally KNOW of overseas bank
accounts in Luxomborg (at the Kreditbank). ElRon supposedly received "no money"
for his work for $cn. He supposedly only got his royalties. In fact, ElRon's
wife (the Controller of $cn) was an international SOLE SIGNATORY ON EVERY
$CIENTOLOGY BANK ACCOUNT IN THE WORLD!! What did I get for my years in the
Sea Org? I will tell you what: I got an average of 17 cents per hour. I got
virtually no medical or dental care, no clothing allowance as was promised
by Flag Order 732, was allowed an annual 3-week leave every 4 years on the
average (one is supposed to get them annually). I condemn $cn because the
fucking BUSINESS is GREEDY. ALL FOR THEM and none for the worker (unless you
are on income or booksale lines). I condemn $cn because the BUSINESS LIED.
so fucking hard and was so exhausted I didn't even have time to think. I was
always "getting stats up"!

> If you are not interested in Scientology then
> don't be. It is a personal choice and you should not bag on those who
> are. We don't bag on you because you are christian, mormon, jew or
> whatever your beliefs are. If it is not for you, then leave it alone.
> Besides, no one is actually reading your moronic postings.

Hah! BULLSHIT. Already this year I have ensured through MY efforts that
2 people who were possibly going to get involved will not be now. And one
staff member in the Sea Org left, largely because of me and what I told him!
Is that a "WIN" or what!

> I take that
> back, I read them so that I may get a laugh once in a while.

Well good...Don't listen to many of us ex-members like Dennis, Monica, Perry,
Arnaldo, Neal, and a host of others. What do we know, eh? One thing I promise
you - one day you will wake up and wish you had checked out what we are saying
instead of being a ROBOT. Oh well... I was once like you. Then I woke up
and ACTUALLY HAD THE NERVE to question a few things.

Miss X - Another Old Timer and OT