Research project?!? (yeah, right...)
[02 Jan 1997]

In March 1960, ElRon published Have You Lived Before This Life?, which
was subtitled A Scientific Survey.

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Subject: Research project?!? (yeah, right...)
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In March 1960, ElRon published Have You Lived Before This Life?, which
was subtitled A Scientific Survey. His book, he said, contained "an
introduction to the subject, a statement of how the survey was conducted and
by whom, and reports of forty-two incidents recalled by Scientologists attend-
ing the [5th London Advanced (sic) Clinical Course] course."

He went on to announce that:

"These incidents are dated between the twentieth century and many
billions of years ago, and their locations range from England, Norway
and Tibet to planets many galaxies distant."

Shortly after the publication of this book, ElRon announced that "it will
be followed in a few months by a sequel: Where Are You Buried? ", since his
"scientific survey" had "elicited such deep interest."

He went on to announce in HCOB 21 March 1960 "RESEARCH PROJECT", that

"You can help by doing the following. (a) Check out your pcs for recent
deaths, and any you find have died in the last century in the country where
you are, (b) write down all particulars for record. (c) Then go to the place
of burial and locate grave or get a copy of the death roll from official
sources or both. And (d) send all data, the story of life and death, to HCOWW,
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex. Be sure you have pc's permission
for data to be used. Be sure the data is authentic in every possible way. The
resulting collection may be published in book form."

The project was a dismal failure. No such book was ever published. It is
one thing for people to "recall" their deaths, previous lives, etc. but
when it comes to verifying these "memories", I have NEVER known a single
$cieno to be able to verifiably PROVE that he/she lived before. In fact, I
have never known a single $cieno who could even recall WHO they "were" in a
previous life to the extent that they could remember their NAME.

The exception is that I HAVE known many "pcs" who believed they were
Jesus Christ...

Miss X - Another Old Timer and OT