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In HCOB 17 March 1969 "POLITICS", Hubbard places the various form of government on the Tone Scale.

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> (Marina Chong) wrote:

> On Hubbard and Democracy [The Black Lensman]
> =========================
> Hubbard DID NOT like Democracy. In the reference that Heidrun quoted,
> that, I believe, is what Hubbard said to do as a last resort! There are
> other writings where Hubbard blasts democracy.
> In HCOPL, Keeping Scientology Working, an issue Hubbard thought so
> important that he put it as the first issue in every course Hubbard said
> something like, "Popularity has brought us degraded novels and Democracy,
> Vietnam and Income Tax (For those of you outside of the U.S.A.. "Vietnam"
> refers to an undeclared war, which was very unpopular, causing tumoil in
> the late 1960's. The U.S ultimitately lost the war)
> In his novel, Battlefield Earth, after Johnnie Goodboy liberated earth from
> the "Psychlos" They had an Election and the people elected this guy,
> "Brown Limper" President. He was a total idiot who was taking advice from
> a really nutty psychlo!
> . . . and now for everybody to put on their thinking caps. . . Does anybody
> remember an issue where Hubbard put the various different forms of
> Government on the tone scale? If so could you post that chart?
> The Black Lensman

Sure, I remember. Tech Vol 6, page 317 -

HCOB 17 March 1969 "POLITICS"

"Here is a scale taken from Excalibur from memory. Excalibur
was an unpublished book written in the very late 1930s. Only fragments of it

"By placing it against the Tone Scale developed at the end of 1950, certain
political philosophies are better estimated. By looking up these tone char-
acteristics in Science of Survival much can be learned and the ideologies are
thus made easier to predict or handle." [Hub loved to order people to







"The cycle of a nation goes on a descending spiral down this scale."
[funny, I don't see this happening]

"I will not go into what lies above democracy [what are you implying?,
Hub?]except that Man is trying with his ideologies to solve mainly the
problem of succession. History has seen other government forms work far more
ideally than those named but in none of these could one guarantee succession
of the beneficial rule. Thus adherents to all forms of ideology can be made
to agree that 'benign monarchy' is an excellent form of government. But they
discard it because a truly good benign monarch is not necessarily succeeded
by one in the next reign." [I think Hub fancied himself a 'benign monarch'. I
always see him as between 1.1 and 1.5. Fascism is the best description for

"Few governments exist in pure form. (Note there are no major govern-
ments at this writing above Social Democracy.)" [And $cientology CERTAINLY
isn't even THAT high on the 'tone scale'.]

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