Re: Which way did he (LRH) go?
[17 Dec 1996]

The RPF was the LARGEST ORGANIZATION IN PAC at that time with 200
staff in $igh'ntology's PRISON for "rehabilitation".

From: Miss X <>
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Subject: Re: Which way did he (LRH) go?
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 21:23:20 -0800
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> "Barbara J. Snow" <> wrote:

> I was in my favorite book store today and came upon a book titled "Who
> in hell... a guide to the whole damn bunch" by Sean Kelly and Rosemary
> Rogers, who attempt to list all those who we can assume ended up in
> hell, given either their behavior in life or their function in legend.
> In the preface they noted that "we are all sinners" and specified that
> they used as criteria for humans sins that constitute "grave
> offenses...committed with...full knowledge and consent...[in other
> words, sins committed by ] deliberate, unrepentent malefacators in the
> the first degree"!
> I was curious to see if the misdeeds of of L.Ron Hubbard caught their
> eye, and sure enough, nestled alphabetically between Hoss, Rudolf Franz,
> a commandant of Auschwitz who introduced hydrogen cyanide as a more
> efficient means of killing over 2 million people and Huictiigara, the
> devil in charge in insomnia and sleepwalking... is listed Hubbard, L.
> Ron.

This is ironic since one of the "Commodore's Messengers", a man
named Bill Franks, referred to ASHO as "Auschau" on many occasions
while he was the FMO 1881 Mission I/C. This was due to the fact that
the RPF was the LARGEST ORGANIZATION IN PAC at that time with 200
staff in $igh'ntology's PRISON for "rehabilitation". I personally
knew staff who were forced to work (on the "decks", as it was called)
for 30 hours straight with only 3 hours of sleep in between their
next 30 hours of punishment. This was referred to as "30 on and
3 off".

During one stretch of time, over 75% of all staff who were "checked
for R/Ses" were sent to the RPF as "List One R/Sers" ("suppressive
persons"). This time period in $igh'ntology came to be known as
"The List One Era" due to the RPFing of so many Sea Org staff in PAC.

As to Bill Franks, I personally heard him threaten staff that if they
didn't get their stats up in one hour they would go to the RPF. He used

This time period was also referred to as the "Witch Hunt Era", since
staff were scared that they would be the next one to be "discovered
to be an SP".

As to ElRon, I am sure he deserves to go to HELL. After all, he is
the one who created the RPF...

By the way, I know Andre and Mary Tabayoyon, and I knew them when
they were staff. Their description of life on the RPF is a very
accurate and truthful accounting of the way it was.

Love, Miss X - Another Beautiful and Free Spirit