Re: Ex-members. More than current?
[15 Dec 1996]

The number of ex-members surpassed current members a LONG time ago.

From: Miss X <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Ex-members. More than current?
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 1996 23:14:04 -0800
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boxinnut <> wrote:

> I'm curious if there are now more ex-scientologists than current ones
> after all these years. Maybe we are reaching a number equal to current
> membership even.

The number of ex-members surpassed current members a LONG time ago.
There are WAY MORE former members now than there are active members in
good standing. Another ONE of $igh'ntology's MANY BIG LIES is their
claim of 7 million (or 8, depending on which story you heard) members.
$igh'ntology's PR machine has forwarded this LIE for so long that
some poor $igh'nos actually believe it! The truth is, it is NOTHING
BUT A FAILED "POSTULATE". Lying about their numbers won't make it true.
It does, however, show how delusional and deceitful they are. The
$igh'nos probably REDEFINED>/i> the word "member" to make themselves
feel good and to try to keep the poor staff members from getting a
"failed purpose" on their job of "clearing" the planet. That's all...
Remember, they claim me as one of their "Clears".

There are at least 160 people who have been "involved" with the cult,
for every one person still active. By involved, I mean those who have
read a book by ElRon or have done at least a basic course. As to the
turnover of staff, there are only a handful of staff at any one org
who stay for longer than than 2 years. And MOST people who join the
Sea Org leave very shortly after joining. In one Sea Org organization
I know for a fact that over 800 staff joined and left within a recent.
10-year period. The turnover rate in personnel in Sea Org orgs is
incredibly high. And the $igh'nos are finding it increasingly hard to
get new recruits due to the volume of press telling the truth about
$igh'ntology. A few more big lawsuits lost by the cult, and a few more
BIG articles like the TIME Magazine one, and $igh'ntology will finally
be in a position that it will never recover from.

> I just get this feeling that our old group has a very high turnover rate.

Your feeling is a correct perception!

> A newsgroup representing these ex-members
> would be another great way of countering the fraudulent message of the
> Church of $cientology. People who've been there know where all the
> skeletons are hidden. It's just a matter of time. I enjoy this group
> but the most interesting aspects are the personal experiences of other
> ex-members. The insider perspective is always more compelling to me.

This is what the courts have said about the testimony of former
members. It is credible and compelling. And $igh'ntology CANNOT

> We can do that for current members now. All they have to do is
> get past the dictates of the cult not to go on the Internet.

Remember to spread the TRUTH as you see it to others NOT on the
internet, too!! Only about 25% of all households have a computer
from figures I have read, so lots of people are NOT on the net.

> Maybe the only way to kill these bastards is such a death of a
> thousand cuts. A thousand points of sunlight shining on the
> vampire.

TRUTH is a very powerful weapon. That is the one advantage that
ex-members have over the current leaders of the cult. We actually
DO outnumber the culties. We just need to get connected, spread
the truth, warn others about the cult, and expose the lies, crimes
and abuses of $igh'ntology.

Love, Miss X - Another Beautiful and Free Spirit