Re: Another Disappearance
[09 Dec 1996]

I have seen many victims of the cult during my decades of involvement
in and subsequent leaving of $igh'ntology.

Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 09:55:09 -0800
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From: Miss X <>
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Subject: Re: Another Disappearance
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Hello everyone,

I did not disappear. I am still here, speaking out about the abuses
of $igh'ntology and $igh'ntologists.

For David Alexander ( You did not "nail me" with your
garbage post (According to Miss X A=B=C=D=F..). It is obvious to many
(and I have received emails from others stating this) that you are a
victim of the cult. You yourself have stated that you have doubted your
sanity. This is truly sad.

I have seen many victims of the Co$ during my decades of involvement
in and subsequent leaving of $igh'ntology. I have seen people RPF'd
because they simply voiced a disagreement with someone senior in rank
to them. I have seen people labelled as a "SUPPRESSIVE PERSON". I have
seen people experience PSYCHOTIC BREAKS from the stress inflicted upon
them by other members of their so-called "religion".

Well, SPIT on that...

I have seen people who were afraid to tell even their own wife or
that they wanted to leave $igh'ntology. Why, because it is written in
HCO PL Leaving and Leaves that it is a "SUPPRESSIVE ACT to inform a
fellow staff member that one is leaving".

I have seen OVER and OVER the way $igh'ntology abuses the legal
system to harass critics into silence.

I have seen people LIED TO by cult recruiters in order to get them
to sign a staff contract.

I have seen people PROMISED CURES for such things as physical ailments
that bothered them. And I have known some individuals who did not seek
help from a physician because they had been duped into believing that
"$igh'ntology can handle your condition".

I have seen ElRon Hub Bard LIE REPEATEDLY about his "resignation from
the Board of Directors" of $igh'ntology, all the while keeping his
control on the BANK ACCOUNTS of $igh'ntology.

I have seen such BULLSHIT by cult management in the classic Hub Bard
style of "We were 'infiltrated' by the government" or "the 'criminals'
who were in the cult were thrown out and we are reformed now".

I have seen through the PR BULLSHIT the culties hide behind. Things
like "don't do anything illegal" coming out of the left side of their
mouth, and then turning around (to expose the knife in their 1.1 fucking
hand) and saying "go bug the IRS' office". Or "Go get Mr. Klemesrud's
confidence and frame him" coming out of the right side of their mouth.

The TRUTH is that $igh'nos feel that they are ABOVE the law. Their
policies tell them that it is OK to do things because "Purpose is
senior to policy". Their policy tells them "Never fear to harm another
for a just cause". Their policy of FAIR GAME makes it OK to LIE, TRICK,
CHEAT, etc.

As to the charge that my ANGER shows. Of course it does!! I have seen
more abuse BY $igh'ntology than I have ever cared to. What caring person
would not be angry ? Who thinks the abuse is OK ?

I'll tell you who - $igh'ntologists !!! They feel that their attacks
are justified.

As to David Alexander stating that I "bait ARSers with my Name Game
posts" -- you seem to be paranoid, David. But then I understand because
I have seen the distrust that $igh'ntology, and OSA in particular, creates.

I will state again that I only use $igh'ntology AGAINST $igh'ntologists.
I do not use it in my daily life. Don't twist my words, Mr. Alexander.
You and "Old Timer" and a bunch of others who call themselves Freezoners
ARE $igh'ntologists BECAUSE you STILL believe in the TEK and use it.
That is what makes you a $cieno. You seem to have bought the LIE that
your cult's leadership is corrupt, but the "tech" is OK.

I personally think it is OK to read science fiction, but to be told
that drug-inspired GARBAGE is "truth" and the "road out" is EVIL,
ESPECIALLY when thousands of dollars are charged for having access to it.

I have long felt that ACTIONS speak louder than words. In this respect
I certainly find Hub Bard's LOVE of MONEY to speak volumes about the

IF Hub Bard TRULY wanted to help people, and IF he truly had some
magical tek that would make people better, more able, etc he would have
given it all away for free or at least for a reasonable fee.

The VOLUMES of lawsuits that have been filed by the cult show their
determined and utterly fanatical devotion to silencing anyone who would
undermine their MONEY-MAKING MACHINE!!!

And that is my heart-felt opinion based upon YEARS of observation and
first-hand knowledge of the cult.

If Hub Bard had called his religion "How to grow RICH and harass the
opposition" or "How to fool friends and introvert people" I would have
had no objection. But to hide behind the protection of "religion" just
is a big lie. This is my opinion...


Love, Miss X - Another Beautiful and Free Spirit