For the record
[05 Dec 1996]

$igh'ntology will NEVER change it's operating basis. It is written in
their tek that "enemies" are to be sued, lied to, tricked, cheated,
infiltrated, "dead-agented", "third partied" and destroyed by any means.

Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 08:50:46 -0800
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From: Miss X <>
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Subject: For the record
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First off, I want to address "Old Timer" (

You apparently believe that no one else could know about the circumstances
surrounding Quentin's death and LRH and MSH disagreements over their children.
What makes you so special that you think that I could not know?

Has a withhold been missed?
Do you have a break in reality?
Do you have a break in understanding?

I have no bone to pick with you, "Old Timer". But since you have said that
I sound like Fishman, that you do not answer "smut filled" posts (when the
post actually had nothing to do with "smut", but was actually about Irene
Dirmann), and when you accuse me of stealing your words, I have no choice
but to defend myself. As far as I can tell, you are a Freezoner. I am NOT
a Freezoner. In fact, as I have stated before, I do not use the Phat One's
tek in my daily life, except to use it AGAINST $igh'ntology.

$igh'ntology is EVIL in my opinion. I state this because I was involved
with it for YEARS and YEARS. I know what lengths the cult will go to to
utterly destroy any critic. I have seen it done over and over throughout
the 60's, 70's, 80's and now in the 90's. The cult has claimed it has
"reformed" itself and has "thrown out all the 'criminals'".


$igh'ntology will NEVER change it's operating basis. It is written in
their tek that "enemies" are to be sued, lied to, tricked, cheated,
infiltrated, "dead-agented", "third partied" and destroyed by any means.
In my mind, actions speak louder than words. I could care less about
what the cult says is policy and what is not. Look at the actions of the
cult. Their actions demonstrate their personality - SCHIZOPHRENIC,

By your very public criticisms of me, I will not trust you. The fact
that you are at odds with me, tells me that you have some SERIOUS
undisclosed "withholds" and "overts" OR that you yourself have been
such a victim of this cult that you are very confused.

I KNOW that you KNOW what I am talking about. Back in the days of the
late 70's to early 80's (when you were declared "SP") there were a LOT
of ugly things going on. Mission holders had their missions taken away.
Herbie Parkhouse, Mo Budlong, Mary Sue Hubbard, Jane Kember and a host of
other GO people were booted out. They were declared "SP" and were NOT
given the benefit of a "Comm Ev".

Some of these former GO staff and mission holders have gotten back
into $igh'ntology. But apparently you have had a hard time dealing with
all of the INJUSTICES that were done. At least YOU ADMIT, do you not, that
MSH agreed to take the rap for the crimes of the GO? Did she NOT FEEL that
this would be the "greatest good for the greatest number" ?

I am VERY TIRED of hearing all the same old CRAP GARBAGE from the cult
stating that the "church" was "infiltrated". You know as well as I do that
that MSH was the ceremonial "head on a pike". Someone had to answer for the
crimes of the cult. The fact that you are able to still use Hub Bard's tek
in your life, but that you are "against" current cult management tells me
that somehow you are confused.

ElRon was a delusional, drug-crazed tyrant. He USED people as long as
they were loyal to HIM. Then he declared them or caused them to be declared
or let them be declared "SP" if they were not in alignment with his INSANE
VISION for the world. The fact that Damien Miss Cabbage was hand-picked by
ElRon tells you a lot about Hub Bard AND Damien.

The fact that the Phat One hid out and let MSH take the rap along with
10 other $cienos tells what kind of BEAST ElRon WAS. The fact that MSH
agreed to take the RAP for $igh'ntology, and now does not speak out
publicly about her involvement only demonstrates that a MASSIVE FRAUD and

If there is a HELL, ElRon has SURELY put himself there...

May he suffer to the degree he has caused others to suffer.

Love, Miss X - Another Beautiful and Free Spirit