[02 Dec 1996]

One of the MANY BIG LIES of $igh'ntology is that it claims 7 or 8 million members.

Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 23:47:04 -0800
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From: Miss X <>
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Subject: TRUTH Revealed - (Was THE CULT OF THE ANTI-CULT)
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No, Keith, I actually do NOT hate you, BUT I DO hate the lies you tell
on this newsgroup. Unfortunately you are blind to the truth. It is the
nature of a $igh'no to accept as "truth", ALL that the FAT EVIL ONE wrote.

Remember, I was a $igh'no once myself until I realized that I had been
betrayed. The group of $igh'ntology IS in serious trouble globally. Why ?
Because it IS a VERY DANGEROUS CULT that LIES. It promises its members
something it CANNOT DELIVER.

I was involved in $igh'ntology for YEARS. I have seen AT LEAST 160
people ("wogs", as you call them contemptuously) LEAVE $igh'ntology for
every *one* $igh'no who stays for more than two years. Most people "cognite"
on what a SCAM $igh'ntology is!

One of the MANY BIG LIES of $igh'ntology is that it claims 7 or 8
million members. I know for a fact (having been in a senior exec position
in $igh'ntology) that this 7 or 8 million number actually represents the
TOTAL number of people that have *TRIED* $igh'ntology. Approximately this
same number of people have TRIED to understand the Phat One's book Dyin'etics.
As is the case with the grossly inflated membership figures that $igh'ntology
propagandizes, so is the number of copies of Dyin'etics books sold GROSSLY

Approximately 50,000 current AND former members of the cult have ever
attested to the state of "Clear". Now simple math will show an ALARMING
failure rate of $igh'ntology to be able to deliver what it promises. Look
here: if 50,000 attested to "Clear" out of the 8,000,000 who have TRIED
ElRon's "applied religious philosophy", well, figure it out. Simple math
again. Divide 8 million by 50,000. Answer = .00625 !!!

This is truth revealed here... ONLY a little over six tenths of one
percent ever made it to "Clear". Roughly HALF of those 50,000 "Clears"
have been declared "SPs" by your cult or have lost interest and left
$cienoland for good.

You guys in $igh'ntology ARE FAILING and you KNOW IT!! But, the leaders
will continue to hang in there because the money and perks are good.

Besides, it keeps lots of lawyers employed!!!


Love, Miss X - Another Beautiful and Free Spirit