To Heidrun Beer from Mis X
[01 Dec 1996]

ElRon was a dictatorial and hypocritical tyrant.

Date: Sun, 1 Dec 1996 01:54:35 -0800
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From: Miss X <>
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Subject: To Heidrun Beer from Mis X
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Hey "Clear Baby",

I perceive you are well on your way to "cogniting" that your cult cannot be
reformed. Unfortunately, you did not know ElRon PERSONALLY. Had you been in a
position to observe ElRon back in the 60's, you would have seen the ol' man
doing mass quantities of drugs. His "OT" garbage was a drug-induced dream..,
nothing more. His drug use continued on up through the 70's and 80's (in fact,
ElRon started his drug use in his younger years).

ElRon was no "OT". He knew about the "so-called" criminals in his GO. He
was the one who was running the show. He let MSH take the rap for the illegal
activities of the cult's intelligence operation against NUMEROUS gov't
agencies. In fact, MSH took the rap "for the greatest good for the greatest number".

ElRon was a dictatorial and hypocritical tyrant. He was "SOURCE". No one
dared to cross ol' ElRon. Anyone doing so was "in a condition of doubt" and
was removed from post, RPF'd or declared.

Now Damien Miss Cabbage is in charge. He was groomed for the post by ol'
ElRon personally. ElRon liked and trusted Damien Miss Cabbage, 'cause he is a Hub
Bard clone.

Your cult will never reform itself. It is too scizophrenic to be able to
accomplish this incredibly unlikely task. I will lay you odds of a million to
one that the only way $igh'ntology could ever "get it's ethics in" would be if
a massive inquiry into $igh'ntology were to take place.

$igh'ntology is in "CONFUSION" as an organization, just as a scizophremic
is confused. In regards to society and mankind, $igh'ntology is in "TREASON" for
the NUMEROUS and REPEATED betrayals of trust that have been committed on
MILLIONS of people who have been deceived by $igh'ntology.

If you just HAVE to get a fix of auditing, there is a whole field of
willing former $igh'ntologists to apply ""tech" to you. But you already know this
since you have browsed the Freezone quite a bit.

For the record, I am not a Freezoner. I don't use any flavor of ElRon
"tech" in my life except the "intelligence" tech, and I use it AGAINST

Love, Miss X - Another Beautiful and Free Spirit