Re: The Oddness of New Co$ Strategy
[30 Nov 1996]

$igh'ntology purports to support freedom of speech. This is a very big lie.

Date: Sat, 30 Nov 1996 19:04:44 -0800
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Subject: Re: The Oddness of New Co$ Strategy
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Henry asked in the last sentence of a recent post: "What are they [$cn]
trying to acheive ?"

I will answer this one. What $igh'ntology is trying to achieve is simple.
It is the same old thing $igh'ntology has always been trying to achieve which is:

$igh'ntology tries to cut any line of communication that they consider a
threat to their goals and purposes. One way they have repeatedly tried to cut the
lines is by the use of spam. This has not been very successful. Most computer users
who are readers of ars can use a killfile or a filter (like dejanews) to weed out
all the spam. So $cn has had to shift gears somewhat and resort to forging headers
and such. This serves two purposes. One is to confuse the newsgroup. The other
is to cause critics to killfile critics. This is another way of stopping

You see, $igh'ntology purports to support freedom of speech. This is a very
big lie. What they mean to say is that freedom of speech is OK unless it is a
criticism of or attack on $igh'ntology. This is the true statement.

My advice is this: If you are being attacked for criticizing $igh'ntology,
then realize that the attack is coming from a $igh'ntologist. It is that simple.

$igh'ntology also loves to "third party" (tell lies about) critics in an
attempt to discredit these people. If you can think up a dirty trick to play on
someone, then rest assured that some $cieno somewhere has also thought up the same

By $igh'ntology's failure to stop the shenanigans on the newsgroup
(particularly spamming) I consider this to show tacit consent by $igh'ntology that they are
supporting these actions. What $igh'ntology hopes to do is "handle the
entheta" on this newsgroup. I say "entheta" in quotes because that is what they call
the truth when it comes to $igh'ntology. Anything that shows $igh'ntology in it's
TRUE LIGHT is entheta. All the stuff that $igh'ntology doesn't want the world to
know is "entheta".

So just keep posting "entheta" (TRUTH) and watch $igh'ntology go NUTS!!!
They will never "handle" ars. All they really succeed in doing is spend lots
of time, money and energy running all over the place TRYING to put out fires. It
is actually quite funny to see the organization getting all stressed out by the
amazing amount of bad press they are getting these days!

To all those who are spreading the "entheta" (TRUTH), KEEP IT UP! It is
working very effectively...

Love, Miss X - Another Beautiful and Free Spirit