Just a few comments
[29 Nov 1996]

Who Miss X is not...

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Subject: Just a few comments
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There has been speculation that Miss X may be Steve Fishman. I don't want
anyone thinking that I am Steve Fishman, so I thought it best to respond to this by
saying publicly that I am NOT Steve Fishman.

On the request by Old Timer as to what my point is for posting about Gary
Epstein, I can only say that my posts speak for themselves. Sometimes I just like to
post a question and wait for answers.

I have received several emails to my miss_x@mailmasher address recently.
Please do not be surprised if I don't respond to your emails. I may answer, but I may
choose not to answer. You may feel free to send me email as I am generally a
very friendly person.

I am not one of the "Freezoners". I don't use $cieno GARBAGE in my daily
life. I used to believe the cult truly wanted to help people. After years and years
on staff in the Sea Org, I finally opened my eyes one day to the real truth about
$igh'ntology. I can't tell you how often I have heard a $cieno say "We know
that what you have written up (KR'd) is not OK and it is being 'handled' " or some
such thing. So many times I have been told "Things have changed - the
criminals who were doing the 'off-policy' actions have been 'handled' by ethics". I
could write a book 500 pages long RIGHT NOW about all the CRAP I have seen done to
good, honest, hard-working $cienos who were helping the cult because they (as I DID)
believed that $igh'ntology actually wanted to help people. All I can say to
this is: B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T !!!

I may not have been in $igh'ntology as long as some I know have been, but I
am not proud of my length of time in $cienoland. My detour in life into $cn has
taught me much, but I have seen lots of other white collar crime in other businesses
I have workede for. I did not need to be involved in $igh'ntology in order to
find out about how to harrass people.

There was a time when I was one of the MOST GUNG-HO, "ON PURPOSE" AND
DEDICATED SEA ORG members on the planet. It just took me a long time to realize that I
was contributing to a global scam named <spit> $igh'ntology... One day I did the
conditions formula of "DOUBT". It was right then and there that I decided that
$igh'ntology WAS suppressive and that I did not want to be a part of it.

Currently, my only involvement in or with $igh'ntology is to expose the
truly fraudulent, harrassive, deceptive, dangerous and evil nature of $igh'ntology.
I have nothing good to say about it.

And to you Old Timer (dmorgan) - don't worry; I don't think all those
former staff who were declared were really SPs. Only ElRon and Miss Cabbage and his
ilk deserve this label. That is my opinion.

Love, Miss X - Another Beautiful and Free Spirit