Tricks of the trade
[27 Nov 1996]

How Scientology manipulates the bestseller lists.

Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 20:54:22 -0800
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Subject: Tricks of the trade
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In $cientology, members are given funds by the "church" to go buy copies of
Dyin'etics at bookstores. I have known staff members who went to B. Dalton and
Waldenbooks to purchase multiple copies of ElRon's book. This is of course
done to make it appear as if ElRon's book is actually a best-seller. Actually, it
is a big seller, but only because lots of $igh'ntologists go to selected book
outlets and purchase them multiple copies at a time.

What I am telling you has been told by others. What the "church" does to
get it's book(s) on the bestseller lists is an old trick. By buying up lots of
books, $igh'ntology is able to make it appear that lots of folks are buying the book
Dyin'etics. Then the cult takes out an ad on TV and says how "over XX million
copies sold".

This is a TRUE statement. But it is a very incomplete statement. It doesn't
tell the whole truth. I mean, come on now, the cult is not going to spend
millions on their ad and say "Dyin'etics - over XX million copies sold but only 1/3 XX
bought by individuals who actually tried to wade through (read) it." But you
may absolutely use an "acceptable truth" (half-truth) in $igh'ntology. I see
examples of it every time I read something in the press that has been written
by a $cieno.

By inflating the book sales which results in the book being put on a best
seller list, then $igh'ntology is able to say how many millions sold. The ad
promoting Dyin'etics tells in an authoritative (ElRonhubbardesque) voice how
we should jump on the bandwagon as if EVERYONE is reading this book. This is a
positioning technique of sorts. Positioning Dyin'etics with other best sellers
makes it seem to be a book one MUST READ.

Most people I know who have read the book have fallen asleep reading it. Of
course, ElRon wants us to believe it is because we have "gone past a word we
didn't understand". Then you need to buy a special RED dictionary to find out
what the HELL ElRon is talking about! Of course you went by a word... ElRon
had REDEFINED it!!!

More to come...

Love, Miss X - Another Beautiful and Free Spirit