L. Ron Hubbard's Tricky Finance Policies
[12 Nov 1996]

Here are some enlightening excerpts from Hubbard showing
how he pretended to resign from managing the affairs of the cult.

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Subject: L. Ron Hubbard's Tricky Finance Policies
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I've been doing a little research into "Church" of $cientology corporate
finance policy. Here are some enlightening excerpts from Hubbard showing
how he pretended to resign from managing the affairs of the cult. Of
course, he still remained a signatory on the bank accounts!

In HCO Policy Letter of 1 September 1966R "FOUNDER", L. Ron Hubbard wrote:

"In that new boards of directors are being elected for the various
corporations and their branches, I am resigning the title of Executive
Director and in accordance with a resolution of the general meeting of
charter members am being given the title of 'Founder' instead." [first

"This is not a retirement but is a resignation from all director posts
and the conducting of organizations by myself." [fourteenth paragraph]

"This affects all corporate structures in that I am not now a board
member." [sixteenth paragraph]

"Bank accounts need no longer bear my signature but as they are so
numerous and the task of changing them so great, I leave this to the new
Boards to accomplish..." [paragraph seventeen]

ON EVERY BANK ACCOUNT", L. Ron Hubbard wrote:

"As the omission of including me as a signatory on an account has
resulted in unnecessary Dev-T, I have decided to remain as signatory on
EVERY ACCOUNT WHICH EXISTS in the organizations in order to assist
directors when signatories are otherwise unavailable as has recently
occurred." [first paragraph]

Then, Board Policy Letter of 6 July 1975R Revised 9 April 1976 Issue
III"_URGENT_ Financial Management Standardization Series 4R STANDARDIZATION
OF USAGE OF THE CHURCHES' BANK ACCOUNTS" was issued. It was written by
H[erbie] G. Parkhouse, the Deputy Guardian Finance World Wide, for Jane
Kember, the Guardian World Wide, for Mary Sue Hubbard, The Controller. This
issue establishes that:

"Currently the Churches' bank accounts are not standard and differ in
various Churches. Therefore, in order to facilitate and accomplish
standardization, _all_ Churches should operate with the following bank

Finance Office (Org name) No. 1 Account
Finance Office (Org name) No. 2 Account
Main Account
Org Reserve Account
HCO Book Account
GO Reserve Account
(Org name) CVB Reserve Payment Account [for refunds]
(Org name) Local GO Account

Any church needing to change their bank accounts to accord with the
above will transfer funds as per G[uardian] O[rder] 76R MSH" [Mary Sue

Page two of this Board Policy Letter states:


"The following are the signatories on the above accounts:

_International Sole Signatories_:

The Controller [Hubbard's wife]
The Guardian WW
The Treasurer WW"


Love, Miss X - Another Old Timer