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[02 Nov 1996]

On the one hand, Hubbard said to "...ignore the selfish intellectual who cries: 'Don't expose the
mystery' ", but the rest of the time he mandated that the upper levels be kept secret and hidden...

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Huge Cajones Remailer (Miss X) wrote:

Here is something I find very interesting. It is from "My Phiosophy" -
by L. Ron Hubbard and is on page one, volume 6 of The Technical [HCOBs and
BTBs] Bulletins, first printing 1976, copyright by L. Ron Hubbard:

"So my own philosophy is that one should share what wisdom he has, one
should help others to help themselves, and one should keep going despite
heavy weather for there is always a calm ahead. One should also ignore
catcalls from the selfish intellectual who cries: 'Don't expose the
mystery. Keep it all for ourselves. The people cannot understand.'" [6th
from last paragraph]

Clear baby replied:

Thank you for posting this at exactly that time. I found it when I really
needed it.

Miss X:

No problem...I don't mind exposing L.Ron Hubbard's $cieno-doublespeak crap...

You see, the contradiction I am showing is that on the one hand, Hubbard
said to "...ignore the selfish intellectual who cries: 'Don't expose the
mystery'", but the rest of the time he mandated that the upper levels be
kept secret and hidden until the cult had either: a) extracted a huge sum
of money from the "Gross income prospect" (Hubbard's term) OR b) had gotten
years of indentured servitude from the staff slave who therefore had
his/her "exchange IN" and was finally "rewarded" with the "privilege" of
gaining access to the GARBAGE. Of course, this applies to ALL of the
"Bridge", not just the GARBAGE. One only gets the *WAY OVER-PRICED GARBAGE*
by paying HUGE sums of money or by slaving away for years. Actually, *ANY*
price at all is too much to pay for the GARBAGE. Hubbard and the cult are
the ones who should be paying US for the right to experiment with and mess
up our minds!

Now, when I read Hubbard's line "...ignore the selfish intellectual who
cries: 'The people cannot understand'", it makes perfect sense to me. This
is EXACTLY what I DO - ignore the cult's BS. I DO understand. I think
Hubbard was shooting himself in the BALLS and foot when he said it. This is
EXACTLY what Hubbard and the cult say all the time - that one MUST NOT BE
EXPOSED to the Oh Tea levels because one will not understand until he or
she has attained the proper level of spiritual awareness. Well, guess what,
Clear baby ... I am an "OT". And I say it is GARBAGE. I UNDERSTAND that it
is GARBAGE. And, by the way, I am "Superliterate" (Method One, Method 8 on
the study tapes, Student Hat Course and Primary Rundown) too!

Now, the standard, conditioned response in $igh'ntology to what I just
said would be that I have "MUs" (misunderstood words). To this I say:
BULLSHIT. I just happen to have my own opinion! Oddly enough, Hubbard and
the cult don't even allow this. Oh sure, the cult *SAYS* that no one has to
accept anything unless he/she has observed it to be true for themselves.
But just DARE to disagree and off to cramming and/or word clearing one
goes. If that doesn't work, then one gets "routed to Ethics". If this
doesn't "handle" the person, then he or she is labelled "open-minded" (PTS
Type H) or "antagonistic" (PTS Type A) and is barred from any future
services until the "situation is handled". You see, in Hubbardology it is
ALL or nothing. I have seen MANY a staff member being given an "SRA"
(severe reality adjustment) until he/she "COGS" (cognites) and "gets with
the program" OR goes to the RPF. If the person is too resistant, there is
always the RPF's RPF ! This is true. Ask anyone who was in the $ea Org a
long time - Monica Pignotti, Andre Tabayoyon, Vicki Aznaran, Otto Roos,
Alan Walter, Nick Polimeni - just to name a few. At one time there were
OVER 200 staff on the RPF in the PAC area alone!!

Another argument might be that drugs have inhibited my understanding. To
this I reply that I have done not only the old "Sweat-Out" program and the
Dyin'etics (TM) Drug Roundown, but I have done the Purification Rundown

The $cienos might also say that I have many "OVERTS" and that they speak
loudly for my defamation of Hubbard's secret scriptures. To this I will
answer that I have had over 50 hours of "Confessional auditing"
("sec-checks"). My "overt" is that I DISAGREE with Hubbard and that I DARE
to speak my mind freely. And THAT is a *CRIME* in $cientology. You see,
Hubbard redefined "open-minded" (PTS Type H) to mean "ANYONE WHO DOESN'T
AGREE WITH HUBBARD". And it is a "High Crime" to openly ridicule

Note that Hubbard also said "One should ignore the catcalls from the
selfish intellectual who cries: ...'Keep it all for ourselves.'"

Isn't it ironic that this is exactly what the cult is and always has
been doing - claiming the "secret scripture" as intellectual property and
suing EVERYONE who dares to expose Hubbard's INSANE "truths"? How selfish
can a "church" get?!?! If there were any sincere intention on the part of
the cult to help make a better world, they would spread their "scriptures"
NOW. Today. And to everyone. If $cientology *REALLY* "cleared" people, the
cult would pull out the stops and get the show on the road and bust ass to
*HELP* others. After all, Hubbard said "A being is as valuable as he can
serve others." GOD KNOWS the cult has the money to be able to help millions
of people. But they would rather invest their "BEANS for MORE BEANS"
(Finance As A Commodity). Only spend money on an activity if it gets MORE
MONEY. That's what Hubbard said in the Finance Series PLs on Financial
Planning. Besides, giving handouts to the needy and those who are ill would
be "rewarding a downstat". And this is EXPRESSLY "off-policy".

In my opinion, Hubbard KNEW GOD-DAMNED well that he had no intention of
helping others. His intention was to extract a MAXIMUM amount of *MONEY*,
while expending the LEAST amount of energy in return. He said to help the
able to become more able. There is a reason for this. If a person has no
MONEY, $igh'ntology will not waste their time on that person, *UNLESS*
$igh'ntology discovers that he or she has a rich relative. Then, of course
the $cienos will do everything in their power to get you to pay for THEIR
GARBAGE with other people's money.

I believe that when allowed to view the "upper level" (GARBAGE)
material, most people DO see what a piece of GARBAGE it is. Truth DOES
prevail in the end. The idea that truth prevails was not Hubbard's original

This brings me to another very important point. I am aware that there
are valid and workable things I became aware of during my years in
$igh'ntology. Things like the Way to Happiness tenets "Don't do anything
illegal", "Respect the religious beliefs of others" and "Try to treat
others as you would want them to treat you". Notice I said that I became
aware of these things. In a sense this is true, but I did NOT *LEARN* these
beliefs in $cienoland; I had ALREADY learned these things YEARS before
$igh'ntology! I will admit that the ARC triangle was also interesting, as
was Hubbard's "overt/motivator sequence". But again, I learned about the
importance of communication from my parents. And I learned the principle of
"As you reap, so shall you sow" in the Christian Church as a child and
through my studies of Buddhism during my college years.

I did realize some things from all my years in $igh'ntology. Some of the
most important are:

#1) All the basic truths presented by the cult to raw public are pieces
of wisdom from EARLIER philosophers, scientists and religious leaders. I
had already learned the same basic truths in the Christian Church, in
educational institutions or from my parents.

#2) All of Hubbard's *truly* original ideas are GARBAGE! I am talking
about things like Body Thetans, Marcabians, Xenu, clams, the Galactic
Confederacy, the Espinol Confederacy, Teegeeack, Piltdown Man, the Weeper
and the Coffee Grinder. Hell, anyone can take drugs, as LRH did, and come
up with LOTS of science fiction stuff !

#3) It was because of my basic beliefs, my moral and ethical codes,
etc., and finding a group that *APPARENTLY* aligned with my beliefs, that I
*THOUGHT* Hubbard was worth studying. I was young and naive, and being pure
in heart, I was fooled by the promises.

#4) It is their deceptive dissemination practices that lure many
intelligent and well-intentioned people into the cult. In the case of my
having joined the $ea Org, I was told NUMEROUS lies about the care of
children, pay, lifestyle, time off, family living arrangements, education
of children and every other important issue that I asked the $ea Org
Recruiter about. When I arrived at the org I had signed my contract with, I
was so disgusted by the conditions at the Child Care Org that I wanted to
turn around and go back home. Of course, the culties appealed to my good
nature and asked me to help, said that conditions would change, and
stressed to me what an important job clearing the planet was, and that my
help was really needed - that people with my abilities could help make a
big difference, blah, blah, blah...

#5) $igh'ntology's purpose is to make MONEY.

Clear baby:

The upper level material is no garbage. It approaches the heart of what made
humankind into the tragic self-destructing madhouse it is.

Miss X:

I beg your pardon ?!?! The OT Levels most certainly ARE garbage, and
they are ROTTEN GARBAGE AT THAT. This is why the majority of Clears and OTs
are no longer active in $cienoland. They were BAITED with a mystery
sandwich, PROMISED MIRACLES, led down the "road to truth" and then BETRAYED
when they were FINALLY allowed to read the science fiction "OT" GARBAGE.

You see, you are speaking to a person who is a "Clear" and an "OT"! (Yes,
I attested to the "State of Clear" after 6 years of enduring Dyin'headache
auditing.) Really, I suffered intense migraine headaches throughout my
dyin'etic auditing. _Finally_, when I could not endure any more, I was at
last LISTENED to. The headaches stopped after I originated that I could run
dianetics FOREVER, and NOTHING was erasing because *THERE WAS _NO BANK_ TO
ERASE*!!! Later on I attested to "Clear". In fact, I was "allowed" to
attest to "Natural Clear". I had _NEVER_ been anything BUT "CLEAR" !! And
it took years for the cult to realize this. So much for the tech. Even
before $ighn'tology I could remember past lives and many, many periods of
between lives when I was a disembodied spirit. I had even had certainty
that I had known some of my family members and friends in previous lives.

And another thing... Just because L Ron Hubbard believed that HE was on
Teegeeack, went through the OT3 incident, had Body Thetans all over
himself, and all that stuff, does NOT MEAN that I was on Teegeeack too!!
For LRH to INSIST that everyone MUST run out the third dynamic incident by
doing OT3X is like saying that everyone on this planet must run out the TWA
Flight 800 incident. It is a FALSE idea. Not everyone was there! Well, like
it or not, I was NOT part of the supposed "Wall of Fire" incident. I do not
have this 3rd dynamic engram to run out because I simply WAS NOT THERE at
the time that LRH said that EVERYONE was there. And furthermore, it is an
SP characteristic for someone to ENFORCE on me that I have this incident as
part of my "case". It is extremely EVALUATIVE to insist that *ALL* Clears
are at risk and must be gotten through the danger zone...

(If I had been in Rhodesia, and IF I were doing all the drugs that
Hubbard did during that time period, I would probably come up with some
similar GARBAGE about Body Thetans, Xenu, Teegeeack, Clusters etc. At least
I would have had the DECENCY to sell my work as science fiction, if indeed
I sold it at all. Never in a million years would I sell out so badly as to
try to pass it off as "religion".)

Getting back...

Then, while reading the GARBAGE (upper levels) and listening to
Hubbard's tapes, I heard him say that "there was no man on the Cross" and
that it is "an implant". Shit, what does that mean ? I had attested to
"Clear". I was a "Natural Clear". I had good recall even before
$cientology. For example, in 1969 I had recalled one of my previous lives
when I witnessed the Crucifiction of Christ. I had been there when Christ
was crucified. Now I was being told that my recall was nothing but an
implant! How INVALIDATIVE of the "State of Clear". Yet, Hubbard had said

Even prior to $cientology I had recalled a time in 1865 when I worked
with a man who in this lifetime is my brother. I have many, many other
memories of previous lives, and I had them prior to any involvement with
the cult.

Clear baby said:

LRH writes in "Science of Survival" that people below a certain state
act towards death; I think this is the key factor of refusing this
material. You might discuss that more closely with me if you want;
I think I'm informed enough about it though I am still in the church.

Miss X replies:

You are "still in the church", eh? You sound like a Freezoner to me. You
fit the classic description of a $cieno who is "on the fringe". This is the
way many $cienos go before they realize what a bunch of crap Hubbard sold
you. You bought a bill of goods - ROTTEN GARBAGE. It will probably be only
a matter of a few years before you realize (as MOST eventually do) how
BADLY you have been deceived. You are not as indoctrinated as most "on
purpose" $cienos are. You at least question many things that Hubbard wrote,
and this is a good START.

What you said above (about acting towards death) EXACTLY describes the
actions (and tone levels) of the suppressive cult leaders of Dyin'etics and
$igh'ntology. These "tone levels" perfectly describe $igh'ntology:

"Controlling bodies" (MINUS 1.5) - The cult has ALWAYS done this to its
$ea Org staff - even chaining them in some boiler room, bilge, basement,
or chain locker if necessary.

"Hiding" (MINUS 8.0) - This PERFECTLY describes where LRH was for the
last 20 years of his life!

"Accountable" (MINUS 0.7) - What LRH, MSH and the Guardian Office was
for their CRIMES against the US government, and Damien Miss Cabbage, Lie
Man $purn Lock, When Dell Wren Olds, Kin Dreck Mocks On, the 'Ho and a host
of others will be when the world finally wakes up to the magnitude of their

"Needing bodies" (MINUS 4.0) - Where $igh'ntology management is as a
group in regards to their present enrollment slump, bodies in the shop,
according to Hubbard).

"Hate" (MINUS 1.4) - Where LRH was when he came "UPtone" and directed
his energy towards his favourite hobby horses - the evil psychs, the
suppressive press, the evil AMA, the oppressive IRS (he called them "tax
cruds"), and the police (who he said specialize in "STOP").

"CAN'T HIDE (MINUS 30.0) to "TOTAL FAILURE" (MINUS 40.0) - Tone band the
cult will be when the TRUTH comes out about their GREED, DECEPTION, LIES,
TRICKS, CRIMINALITY, and ABUSES of civil liberties, Constutional rights,
and courts.

In my opinion, the "Church" fights to protect their "upper level"
material, NOT because a person needs to attain a certain level of
"spiritual enlightenment" or whatever, but because when allowed to have
access to the upper levels, a common, ordinary, everyday "WOG" can easily
perceive what a bunch of CRAP it is !!

Clear baby:

That exactly is the picture of a person who is not prepared. I have made
the experience that LRH's writings seem to contain new messages if I read
them again after some time of development. Some things definitely make
sense only after a certain amount of personal development. This is true
for every area of learning, and it's certainly true for learning in the
area of spirituality.

Miss X:

I am talking about the GARBAGE. I am talking about the SCIENCE FICTION
"upper levels" of "OT". I am talking about Hubbard's rantings inspired by
his drug abuse. _Some_ of LRH's writings DO contain new messages,
especially if one looks at them in the proper light. Once you are free from
Hubbard's rantings you will cognite too, CB, what a load of GARBAGE the
upper levels are.

All the VALID, *workable* parts of "$cientology" are actually ideas from
OTHERS. Hubbard "codified them into a workable body of knowledge" - to
quote the old man himself.

> The "Church" is of course against the very idea of informed consent. To
> allow someone to FIND OUT, prior to any serious involvement in $cientology
> , what the "upper levels" consist of, would naturally cause many, if not
> most people to ask themselves if they believed the GARBAGE before shelling
> out huge sums of money ! This of course would have a SERIOUS and MAJOR
> impact on the "Church's" BANK ACCOUNTS ! How many people do you suppose
> would willingly pay thousands of dollars for the GARBAGE ?

Clear baby:

This is another chapter. There is actually no way to pay for the spiritual
gains which are there to be had on these upper levels. They are priceless.
The only way to really exchange for them is to help other people in getting
them too. It's a mistake in my opinion to charge more than people can afford
with some reasonable amount of effort. That means to make the gains unavailable
and is actually contradicting the basic goals of scientology.

Seems LRH also said something to the effect of to beware anyone who
wanted a monopoly on Dyinetics - that the motive could only be for reasons
of money. Anyone have the source reference and actual quote ?

Yes, it's in book one ("Dianetics"):

> "Dianetics is not in any way covered by legislation anywhere,
> for no law can prevent one man sitting down and telling
> another man his troubles, and if anyone wants a monopoly
> on Dianetics, be assured that he wants it for reasons which
> have to do not with Dianetics but with profit."
> "Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health"
> by L. Ron Hubbard

This proves my point. The cult wants a monopoly for reasons which have
to do with profit. Thank you for providing the reference, Clear baby.

Love, Miss X - Another Old Timer