RPF's RPF and the RPF
[20 Sep 1996]

The restrictions applied to people assigned to the RPF's RPF are...

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Subject: RPF's RPF and the RPF
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NOTE: The following excerpts quoted below may be found in "Modern Management Technology Defined" aka "The Admin Dictionary", first printing copyright 1976 by L. Ron Hubbard, published by Publications Organization US (now known as Bridge Publications).
From Flag Order 87 2 September 67 "Titles of Address":

"The Captain of a ship is its judge and at sea Captain's Mast is held on Saturday morning. In a very large ship it is preceeded by the Chief Officer's (or Executive Officer's) Mast wherein the Executive Officer passes on all offenders and sends the more reprehensible ones to the Captain's Mast. The Captain may, however, at any time sentence offenders. Up until a century ago he had the authority to hang men until one hanged the son of the Secretary of the Navy of the US for mutiny, after which the custom lapsed. Modern practice limits the Captain's Mast punishment to ten days in the brig on bread and water. In merchant service the offender is logged and loses one or more day's pay as a result. In the Sea Organization the Commodore or the ship's Captain assigns conditions without the formality of the mast and these conditions and their rewards or penalties constitute in the main the bulk of Sea Organization justice."

From Flag Order 3434-27 25 November 74 "RPF Graduate Enhancement",

A person put on the "RPF's RPF" is put in the "BILGE BRIGADE". For those of you who have never been there, the BILGE is "the inside bottom of the vessel where water collects" (ref: Flag Order 3434-27; also see The Dianetics (tm) and Scientology (tm) Technical Dictionary)

Hubbard had other places to put Sea Org staff assigned to the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force). Per Flag Conditions Order 2990-2, entitled "RPF Assignment" gives the conditions of the "RPF's RPF" as

"the following restrictions are applied to members:"

"(1) segregated from other RPF members with regard to work, messing,
berthing, musters and any other command activity."

"(2) NO PAY."

"(3) no training."

"(4) no auditing."

"(5) may ONLY WORK ON MUD BOXES in the E/R [Engine Room]. May NOT work
with RPF members."

"(6) six hours sleep MAXIMUM."

[NOTE: This is the MAXIMUM amount of sleep an RPF's RPF member can get. In 1977, at the Cedars Complex, many RPF members worked a schedule of 30 hours of work and 3 hours of sleep. This was known as 30 on and 3 off (the "decks")]

"(7) is under the RPF MAA for all matters, including production. The RPF MAA may designate another to supervise their production."

"(8) Standard ethics penalties that apply to them TO BE TRIPLE for EACH OFFENSE they are found guilty of, UNTIL THEY FULLY JOIN THE RPF ON THEIR OWN DETERMINISM."

[I think I would agree to just about anything to get out of the RPF's RPF, but I KNOW it wouldn't be on my own determinism. At LEAST I could get 1/4 pay (which in 1983 was $6) as an RPF member vs. NO pay for the RPF's RPF]

"(9) may communicate ONLY with the RPF MAA or his designated assistant."

"(10) MAY NOT JOIN RPF fully until ACCEPTABLE AMENDS made to ALL RPF members."

Does anyone care to comment on their experiences on the RPF or the RPF's RPF ?

Miss X - another Old Timer (and Big Brother's BIG sister)