Re: Is information divulged during auditing sessions always kept confidential?
[17 Sep 1996]

Information divulged during auditing sessions is *not* always kept confidential.

Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 19:16:01 -0700
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Subject: Re: Is information divulged during auditing sessions always kept confidential?
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Jeffrey Quain ( wrote:

: Absolutely and without exception.

Jeffrey Quain is NOT BEING HONEST with you when he said "Absolutely and without question" in response to the question of whether information divulged during auditing sessions is always kept confidential.

Jeffrey may be VERY NAIVE, but he is still a DAMNED LIAR (LIE = "alteration of time, place, form and event" per the definition given in the book "The Phoenix Lectures" by LRH. IF Jeffrey Quain actually believes that information given during auditing is ALWAYS kept confidential, then he OBVIOUSLY has swallowed a bunch of $cieno CRAP.

I can cite NUMEROUS times a pc believed the same thing as Jeffrey. And their belief that what they disclosed was "confidential" resulted in very heavy ethics being applied to them.

For example, when a staff member in the Sea Org reports in session that he/she has been having or has had SEX with someone other than his/her spouse (out 2-D), this info is noted (circled in RED !) and an ethics report MUST be made to the MAA. This FALSE belief that what was said in session is "confidential" has landed many a staff member on the RPF for out 2-D, or has AT LEAST resulted in their being assigned a CONDITION of DOUBT (with "amends, of course !).

Out 2-D is ONE of the 4 reasons for being assigned to the RPF per the Flag Order on RPF Assignments. The other 3 are being a: 1) "Low OCA, non-producer" 2) "repeated stat crasher" and/or 3) "List One R/Ser". (Note: an R/S is a rock slam which is an E-Meter needle manifestation which results "when you ask them [the pc] 'Consider overts against Scn [tm] and that broadens out of course against Ron, against the organization or against the auditor." ref: Saint Hill Special Briefing Course tape 198, 6210C04 "Modern Security Checking".

The "List One" or "Routine 2-12 List One" is a list that is found in the "Book of E-Meter Drills" by LRH. List One has 117 items on it including "Scientology" [tm], "Scientologists" [tm], "Dianetics" [tm], "Dianetic books", "Scientology [tm] books", "Ron", "L. Ron Hubbard", "Saint Hill", "a Scientology [tm] organization", "auditors", "meters", "Scientology [tm] groups", "an E-Meter", 'the Founder", "Mary Sue", "Mary Sue Hubbard", "security", 'a squirrel", "psychologists", "psychiatrists", etc.

According to definition 4 in "The Dianetics [tm]and Scientology [tm] Technical Dictionary" a "rock slam as meter representation, is the result of innumerable committed overts in a certain direction..."

So, simply put, if a pc "R/S"es on a "List One" item, then he is a candidate for the RPF. Back in 1977-78, when Wayne Marple (now declared SP per Flag ED 2830 RB) was the Flag Mission Order 1674 I/C, there were OVER 100 staff on the RPF in PAC (LA area). The "Rehabilitation Project Force" (or slave labor camp) was the LARGEST group in PAC. There were MORE PEOPLE ON THE RPF than there were on staff at the Advanced Org Los Angeles !!! This time period is referred to within $igh'ntology as the "List One Era" because staff were being assigned to the RPF based on "R/Ses" found during "sec check" auditing.

Now, before Jeffrey says "Oh, sec checks are different" or some such thing, let me point out the experiences of some PUBLIC $cienos I knew.

One woman by the name of "Bambi" was getting services at an org in PAC. It came out in session that she was a prostitute ! Now, I shouldn't even know this kind of personal information. I wasn't even an auditor at that org. I wasn't even on Tech or Qual or HCO lines. So, how did I come to find this information out ? From GOSSIP told to me by STAFF at the org! "Bambi" was the talk of the Org. It was common knowledge that she was a prostitute. So much for confidentiality !

Here's another betrayal. A woman I knew named "V" was being audited by an auditor named Danielle at CCLA. "V" (who was a public preclear, NOT staff) disclosed personal information in an auditing session about her sex life. It was in the context of having done things that she felt regret over. She was genuinely sorry for some of the things she had done in her past and wanted to unburden her conscience, put her past behind her and make a new start. The next day "V" overheard two public at CCLA discussing the intimate details of her sex life !! The persons discussing the "confidential" confessions IN NO WAY had any possible business discussing it. The breach of TRUST in "V"s case resulted in her never again trusting $cieno auditors.

From my past involvement with $cn for over 15 years, I could relate other betrayals of trust, but I don't feel the need. I empathize with the victims who were hurt by untrustworthy $cienos. These are but a FEW of the MANY, MANY reasons I no longer am a member of the SUPPRESSIVE GROUP, $cientology !!


Love, Miss X -- another Old Timer and X-$cieno