Open letter from Miss X -- another Old Timer and Big Brother's BIG sister [17 Sep 1996]

Why the "Church" of Scientology is a suppressive group.

Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 14:10:01 -0700
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Subject: Open letter from Miss X -- another Old Timer and Big Brother's BIG sister
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This is an open letter to all those who read ARS. Feel free to repost as often as you like. The opinions expressed herein are solely mine, but are shared by many others.

You and I (and others formerly associated with the cult of $igh'ntology for a long enough period of time to KNOW "CHURCH" POLICY) know that if a $cieno staff or public "in good standing" (like Clear Baby ?) were to maintain a connection to ARS, that this would be a "HIGH CRIME", and therefore a "SUPPRESSIVE ACT" according to the HCO PL of 23 December 1965 "SUPPRESSIVE ACTS SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY [tm] AND SCIENTOLOGISTS [tm] THE FAIR GAME LAW", which states in part: "...Suppressive acts include...continued membership in a divergent group; continued adherence to a person or group pronounced a Suppressive Person or Group by HCO; failure to handle or disavow and disconnect from a person demonstrably guilty of Suppressive Acts;..."

The stated reason for this "POLICY" of the "Church" is that by maintaining a connection to a so-called "Suppressive Person or Group", one becomes "PTS" (a potential trouble source). In REALITY, the "Church" policies forbidding membership in, and adherence to certain groups, is really a stifling disallowal (SILENCING) of an individual's communication and rights to exercise freedom of speech. I submit that individuals who are members of $igh'ntology are the ones who are "PTS" and "SP".

This is because the "Church" IS ITSELF A SUPPRESSIVE GROUP. It (the organization of $cn) lies in a hidden FEAR that the TRUTH MIGHT BE DISCOVERED by the general public. The REAL TRUTH here is that what Hubbard said and intended to apply to "WOGS" and "SQUIRRELS" and HIS VERSION of "SPs", ACTUALLY APPLIES to $cientology (the ACTUAL "SP") !! But LRH just turned it all around. It is actually society that should not have any association with, adherence to, or membership in the "Church" of $igh'ntology !!

This is partly (MAJORLY ?) why ARS was created -- to inform the public about the real dangers of $igh'ntology. It is precisely because $igh'ntology is SO DANGEROUS, that THOSE WHO KNOW have a responsibility to speak out about it. And because so many ARE speaking out now, the LEADERS of the "Church", along with OSA, RTC, their army of lawyers, private investigators and other GOONS are now trying to "HANDLE" their BIGGEST NIGHTMARE -- FREEDOM OF SPEECH that the internet affords.

Think about that! Why else would the "Church" so actively seek to STOP ARS ? Why was the "Church" instrumental in getting's anonymous remailer capability temporarily shut down ? Again, the answer lies in Hubbard's policies on "SPs". Just as a test, take what Hubbard said about "SPs" and apply those characteristics and definitions to the "Church". You will see that his descriptions of "SP" behavior apply to $igh'ntology TO THE LETTER !!

Here'a an excerpt from one of Hubbard's taped lectures:


I submit that the MASSIVE SPAMMING of ARS and the attack on the anonymous remailer by $igh'ntology and $igh'ntologists is SUPPRESSIVE of our Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech. After all, $cienos in good standing are not even supposed to be reading the postings to ARS. It is OBVIOUS that $cientology's MANAGEMENT and/or LEADERS don't want people like you and me to be able tell the truth about $cn on the internet, nor do they want us to be able to inform the uneducated and unindoctrinated about their TRUE PRACTICES. They want those without a clue to remain uninformed.

Here's another excerpt:

From HCO PL 26 December 1966 "Admin[istrative], Know-How PTS Sections, Personnel and Execs", definition of SUPPRESSION: "Suppression is a 'harmful intention or action against which one cannot fight back.' Thus when one can do ANYTHING about it, it is less SUPPRESSIVE."

Again, I submit that by the massive SPAMMING, our ABILITY to speak out about $igh'ntology, and thus fight back (through communication of our thoughts, beliefs and experiences) is being SUPPRESSED.

Consider the ACTIONS of $cn in respect to their LAWSUITS AGAINST and/or other SUPPRESSIVE ACTS committed on ARS, FACT Network, CAN, Time Magazine, The Washington Post, Paulette Cooper, Larry Wollersheim and others.

Here's a definition of SUPPRESSIVE ACTS from HCO PL 23 December 1965 "SUPPRESSIVE ACTS SUPPRESSION OF SCIENTOLOGY [tm] AND SCIENTOLOGISTS [tm] THE FAIR GAME LAW" : "Suppressive acts... acts calculated to impede or destroy..." and "actions or omissions undertaken to knowingly SUPPRESS, reduce or impede..."

How about this excerpt from HCO PL 29 June 1968 "ENROLLMENT IN SUPPRESSIVE GROUPS" which states that "SUPPRESSIVE GROUPS...are defined as those which seek to destroy...or which specialize in injuring or killing persons or damaging their cases or which advocate SUPPRESSION of mankind."

How about this one from Saint Hill Special Briefing Course tape 73, 6608C02 "Suppressives and GAE's" [gross auditing errors] : a "SUPPRESSIVE PERSON...goofs up or villifies any effort to help anybody and particularly knifes with violence anything calculated to make human beings more powerful or intelligent. A SUPPRESSIVE automatically and immediately will curve any betterment activity into something evil or bad."

Here's a good one from HCO PL 20 October 1967 "ADMIN KNOW-HOW CONDITIONS, HOW TO ASSIGN" which states " SP is a no-confront case... not being in his own valence..."

In Saint Hill Special Briefing Course tape 78, 6608C25 "The Anti-social Personality" LRH defines a "SUPPRESSIVE PERSON" as "a person with certain behavior characteristics and who SUPPRESSES other people..."

In HCO Bulletin 15 March 1962 "SUPPRESSORS", a "SUPPRESSOR" is defined as "the impulse to forbid revelation in another." and "A SUPPRESSOR is often considered 'social conduct' insofar as one prevents things from being revealed which might embarrass or frighten others."

From HCO Bulletin 3 June 1972R Revised 15 October 1974 "PTS RUNDOWN, FINAL STEP" by L. Ron Hubbard - "SPs are SPs because they deny Hav[ingness] and enforce unwanted Hav[ingness]. They also deny DO and enforce unwanted DO. They also deny BE and enforce unwanted BE."

Let me interpret this "BE, DO, HAV" ($cienospeak) for you.

What Hubbard is saying is that "SPs... deny [take away, don't want you to have] Hav [things like rights, belongings, opinions, etc] and enforce [on you] unwanted Hav" (things - for example, like enforcing on us a massively Spammed newsgroup, full of "Church" PROPAGANDA).

An "SP denies DO"[doingness or actions] (like denying us the right of communicating freely without fear), and "an SP enforces unwanted DO"[doingness or actions] (like their actions of doing things like MASSIVELY SPAMMING and cutting your ability to post to ARS anonymously by getting a remailer closed down.)

And "an SP denies BE" [beingness] (tries to keep you from being a free person) and "enforces unwanted BE" [beingness] (or enforces on you the unwanted act of trying to make you into someone who can only read "Church" APPROVED PROPAGANDA).

Think about what I just said in light of the following HCO Bulletin of 5 February 1966 "Level III S[earch] and D[iscovery] Warning" in which Hubbard said, " An SP wants the other person to reach less." and "The SP is totally insecure and battling constantly in covert ways to make others less powerful and less able."

Lets compare the quotes from that HCO B to what the "Church" (and its members) have been doing here on ARS. "An SP wants the other person to reach less." Well, I don't think I am alone when I state that I find the massive SPAMMING, and the cancellation of LEGITIMATE posts to ARS, to result in making communications less able to be found and to make it less possible for my posts to REACH others.

In regard to the second part quoted, "The SP is totally insecure and battling constantly in covert ways to make others less powerful and less able."

OK, let's see... "The SP is totally insecure..." Is this why the $cienos attack ARS ? Could they KNOW that their "religious" practices are DANGEROUS ? Is the "Church" afraid that the public will discover the TRUTH if they are allowed to read information written by former members ? Is "Church" management (particularly OSA) afraid that the general public might find out that their "upper levels/sacred scripture" WOULD NOT STAND UP to scientific scrutiny ? (Remember the definition of SUPPRESSOR: "the impulse to forbid revelation in another" and " prevents things from being revealed which might embarrass..." Is the "Church" (OSA and RTC in particular) concerned that their supposedly secret "NOTS" [New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans], if viewed by agencies of the governments of various countries, would show proof of "Church" claims of being able to cure various illnesses and thereby practicing medicine without a license ? WHY is the "Church" or "The SP...battling constantly in covert ways to make others less powerful and less able." ? WHY are massive SPAMS done in such a way as to not be able to determine where they are originating from ? WHY are LEGITIMATE postings to ARS being cancelled by members of the "Church" or people working for them ?

Simply put, the "Church" is SUPPRESSIVE because if anyone is critical of the Co$, he or she gets attacked, sued, harrassed, raided (FAIR GAMED) and generally STOPPED from speaking out, or at least ATTEMPTS are made to silence the critic.

If a world, a nation, a society, or an individual is to BE FREE, then one must BE able to BE a person with his or her OWN OPINIONS. And that person must BE able to DO something about SUPPRESSION by exercising their RIGHT to express their opinions. In a democratic world, a person MUST be able to HAVE a group, HAVE a forum and/or HAVE a meeting place, and HAVE A WORLD where he or she is able to NOT HAVE to put up with HARRASSMENT from a "Church" or a "religion". The actions of $igh'ntology and $igh'ntologists DIRECTLY SUPPRESS OUR FREEDOM.

In HCO Bulletin of 5 February 1966 "Level III - S and D WARNING", L. Ron Hubbard said ONE THING I agree with. It is the second from the last line. It says,



Love from Miss X -- another Old Timer and Big Brother's BIG sister