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My Scientology Certificates, Awards and Sea Org Contracts

My Letters from "Ron"; The Controller, Mary Sue; and The Guardian World Wide, Jane Kember


My entry into the LMT 2000 Literati Contest [30 November 2000]
This essay is my entry into the Lisa McPherson Trust 2000 Literati Contest. At the end of the essay are links to many texts critical of Scientology.

Re: A letter from L Ron Hubbard [15 August 2000]
The lies in Hubbard's "SO#1" issue are just more Hubbardian crap designed to deceive people. My opinion is that it was a cleverly created lie intended to be a means for covertly gathering information.


Re: How Lisa might REALLY have died [11 January 1998]
I would estimate that for every ONE page of a Scientology document related to Lisa's treatment I HAVE read, there are A HUNDRED pages I haven't seen. I GUARANTEE you that it is rare for files to get LOST by Scientologists.

Re: FWD: Head-crushing headaches practicing Scientology! [11 January 1998]
I experienced splitting headaches as a consequence of being audited on Dianetics.

Re: FOOTNOTE FOR NEWBIES [11 January 1998]
I got involved with Scientology because I wanted to help make this world a better place for all.

Re: How Lisa might REALLY have died [10 January 1998]
I have never seen any written evidence nor have I ever read any eyewitness account that Lisa was injured in her auto accident. From what I have read, the hospital personnel and paramedics saw no sign of any physical injury at that time. I have however read plenty of reports which state Lisa was injured during her isolation in Ft. Harrison...

Re: What Heber looked like to a non-combatant [08 January 1998]
Since Hubbard founded Scientology over 44 years ago, there have been approximately 50,000 individuals who have been certified as "Clear", and more than half of those are no longer active in Scientology.

Re: How does it feel to talk? [08 January 1998]
I wish this newsgroup had existed 15 years ago. No... make that 25 years ago. If it had existed in 1973, it is very unlikely I would have ever joined Scientology, let alone the Sea Organization.

*****PULL THE STRING!!!***** [08 January 1998]
My belief, having seen Scientology management LIE TO EVEN ITS OWN STAFF, is that the best the cult can hope for now is TO COVER UP THE TRUTH AND TO DESTROY THE EVIDENCE.

Re: A.R.S. Bigots not representative of ex-members [07 January 1998]
I was specifically told by various Scientology course supervisors, "ethics" officers and executives in Scientology's Sea Org that I could NOT practice my Christian faith AND remain a practicing Scientologist simultaneously.

Re: Some "success" stories - was Re: Scientology Benefits [06 January 1998]
I have observed MANY individuals in Scientology who became MORE criminal AFTER "going Clear and/or OT". And most of the individuals I wrote about below were *SO members*!

The raid on Arnie Lerma outraged me. The ex parte writ of seizure obtained fraudulently and executed against Lerma was my wake-up call. It motivated me to speak out against the abuses of the cult.


Re: Scientology/IRS: The McDonald Papers [29 December 1997]
Basically, after MSH, Herbie Parkhouse and Jane Kember were removed from post, the whole show was in chaos. The Controller (Mary Sue), the Guardian WW (Jane Kember) and the Deputy Guardian Finance WW (Herbie Parkhouse) were each, up to the point of their removal from post, international SOLE SIGNATORIES on EVERY Scientology bank account in the world.

Re: Scientology/IRS: The McDonald Papers [28 December 1997]
According to a policy letter by Hubbard entitled HCO PL "Issues, Types Of", only LRH is authorized to issue policy letters with green ink on white paper.

Re: Scientology/IRS: The McDonald Papers [27 December 1997]
I experienced similar betrayal by Scientology as John McDonald did. In 1979, things really began to go weird in Scientology.

Re: Saint Hill Sea Org schedule for today [26 December 1997]
Various forms of coercion are used to obtain "production".

Some "success" stories - was Re: Scientology Benefits [26 December 1997]
I am not impressed with the "OTs" I have known, as many of them were criminals.

Re: Saint Hill sea org schedule for today [25 December 1997]
Christmas celebration schedule at Saint Hill.

Questionnaire for Scienos and ex-Scienos [20 December 1997]
My answers to a questionnaire I found at: <>

Re: Scientology issues statement about Channel 4 programme [30 November 1997]
A more accurate statement, in my opinion, would be "Through our own propaganda mouthpiece, Freedom Magazine, our Office of Special Affairs, and through the use of hired investigators such as Eugene Ingram, we are continually intimidating reputable program directors, former cult members and *anyone* else who would be so brave as to shed a truthful light on our decades-long attempt to hide the truth and re-write Hubbard's past".

Two years ago - 26 Nov 95 McPherson isolation notes [26 November 1997]

Two years ago - 22 Nov 95 McPherson isolation notes [22 November 1997]

Two years ago - 22 Nov 95 "Knowledge Report" re: McPherson watch [22 November 1997]
Below is an interesting report written by the Librarian for the FSO. She wrote a "knowledge report" on the HAS FSO for having ordered her to do a watch on Lisa McPherson. The Librarian, Alice VanGondelle, objected, saying it was not her "hat" to watch a Type III person.

Two years ago - 21 Nov 95 McPherson isolation notes [21 November 1997]
A report on Lisa McPherson by Valerie Demange.

Two years ago - 20 Nov 95 McPherson isolation notes [20 November 1997]
The following is a reproduction of the notes made by Lisa McPherson's handler while Lisa was in her 3rd day of isolation following her psychotic break...

Two years ago - 19 Nov 95 McPherson isolation notes [19 November 1997]
The following is a reproduction of the notes made by Lisa's handler while she was held in isolation...

I am not a bigot. And I don't like bigotry. That's part of the reason I am now an ex-Scientologist.

Nowhere is it *so* evident the disdain Scienos have for "wogs" as it is in the Sea Org.

Re: Scientology's corporate sham (repost) [16 November 1997]
I am so sick of hearing Miscavige's lie that the "criminal element in Scientology was removed", blah, blah, blah. It simply isn't true. All that really happened is that the cult cleaned house of anyone who wasn't loyal to the new leaders.

Re: Hard Copy craps out [15 November 1997]
I was one of a few SO staff who worked on the computerization project which consisted of entering to the mailing list the names and addresses of *every* person who had...

The Murder of Diane Colletto (repost) [11 November 1997]
When I was still in the Sea Org, a Scientologist by the name of John Colletto murdered his wife Diane.

Scientology, freedom of speech & a.r.s - was Re: Misleading Usenet Names [06 November 1997]
Scientology only supports freedom of speech if the content of the speech is not critical of, or an attack upon their cult.

In Memoriam To Victoria Lin [03 November 1997]
It has been exactly ten years to the day since my wife, Victoria slipped into a coma from which she would never regain consciousness.

Re: Thank you...Thank you...Hold the applause, please! - was Re: Pool for March attendance [29 October 1997]
While staring at a huge picture of L. Ron Hubbard, they all shout in unison things like: "*WE* ARE GOING *UP* WHILE THE WORLD IS GOING DOWN!" and "HIP! HIP! HOORAY!" 3 times.

My experience on the Purification R/D pilot pgm - was Re: clam sleuth on the web [20 October 1997]
I was one of the group of execs "chosen" (actually we were *ordered*) to do the pilot Purification Rundown.

Re: Question to (Ex?)Members, concerning other religions [20 October 1997]
But in the Sea Org, no one is anything but a practicing Scientologist. They are called "the elite" of Scientology. Other practices are forbidden.

Oh the irony! - was Re: McDonald's analogy [17 October 1997]
Part of the "explanation" for all of the reorganization was given to us by comparing "standard tech" to a McDonald's Big Mac!

Re: PR Failure - repost w/ correction [16 October 1997]
When things are going wrong (especially if the "GI" is down, or if there is lots of "entheta" press), the Hubbard-mandated "solution" is to "put a head on a pike".

Re: Additional on Zegel # 1 [14 October 1997]
Around 1979, the CMO sent a mission to PAC..... The purpose of the mission was to put into practice a new finance system in the PAC area orgs.

Illness in Scientology - was Re: Scientology & Doctors [30 September 1997]
"All students of any course are debarred from visiting any medical or healing practitioner unless they are given an Ethics clearance first and all possibility of 'roller-coaster' (sudden case decline) has been looked into and any suppressives or bad auditing precisely isolated........."

Re: Hubbard's Gulags: RPF's RPF (RVY) [24 Sepember 1997]
I have seen RPF members work 30 hours straight with only 3 hours allowed for sleep, until another 30-hour stretch was ordered, for days on end.

Re: Stephen A. Kent (Ph.D.) - address Leipzig, Germany [14 September 1997]
I confirm that David Weissberg was indeed on the RPF's RPF in PAC at the Cedars Complex while I was still in the Sea Org.

CONTAGION OF SUPPRESSION - was Re: SPTimes: $cienos' changing story [06 September 1997]
Hubbard also said "The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the tone scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone..."

Re: "Saint Hill Size" question [05 September 1997]
"Saint Hill size" refers to a "booming org" with 250 staff. It was Hubbard's wish that all orgs attain this targetted goal.

Re: SPTimes: $cienos' changing story [05 September 1997]
In other words, what I see being said is nothing anyone could show to be a *blatant* lie, but the Scienos *certainly* are NOT telling the *whole truth*.

Re: GO Order To Infiltrate Gov't Offices [02 September 1997] 
The "Early Warning System" was a Guardian Office program that had as its main purpose to alert Hubbard about any proposed danger to himself in terms of lawsuits, investigations, etc. from government agencies.

Handling Reporter TRs - was Re: Scn's Dept 20: a memoir by RVY - Pt 3 (Reporter TRs) [01 September 1997]
Tips for reporters, lawyers and others dealing with Scientology spokespersons.

The Purpose of the Central Files Section [29 August 1997]

Simon Bolivar, Power and ...Bulgravia? [27 August 1997]
Have you ever wondered why L. Ron Hubbard used the name "Bulgravia" in his "Simon Bolivar" policy letter?

Re: Criminal charges re BPI vs FactNet (1) [27 August 1997]
To me, the problem with why Scienos can't see through the bullshit is a multi-faceted one.

Re: Captain Bill Debrief (was Re: Super Scio - Reply About Confidentiality) [24 August 1997]
My memories of Captain Bill.

Looking for a few good "SPs" [21 August 1997]
The 55 named individuals on this list have all been declared "SP" by Scientology. I knew all of them. If you see your name below, please contact me.

Life History form used by Sea Org [20 August 1997]
Between the information disclosed on this form and the information members divulge in "confessionals", "integrity processing", "counselling sessions", and other "auditing actions", is it any wonder SO FEW ex-Scientologists ever speak out about injustices, abuses, illegalities, etc. witnessed while in the Sea Org? Who amongst us has not sinned?

How Scientology Justifies Locking People Up In Isolation [18 August 1997]
L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology, is well known for his complete disregard for the rights of individuals who, in his words, "are not surviving".

Re: A snide remark [16 August 1997]
A $cientology FSM (salesman) made an unannounced visit to my home (with the intention of getting me back into the cult) shortly after I moved to a new address and obtained an unlisted phone number.

A few remarks on the affidavit.

Re: Fear [14 August 1997]
I don't see ANY attempt from ANY Scientologist to try to make up for the damage the organization has done. I don't see Scientology to be changing its ways.

Austin Org - was Re: San Antonio, TX mission dead! [14 August 1997] 
About the Austin, Texas Scientology organization.

Ninth Dynamic - was Re: RVY message to Mike Rinder [13 August 1997]
One has to pay MONEY to the cult to continue to be accepted by them. If one is NOT paying MONEY, then one cannot take services at the $cientology "church".

Hubbard on reporters and government [12 August 1997]
Here's a revealing bit of what Hubbard had to say about reporters and government officials.

Fear - was Re: Hypnosis as Coercion [11 August 1997]
Another reason I brought up my wife in relation to all of this is because she had been told by Scientologists at AOLA that New Era Dianetics for OTs would cure her juvenile onset diabetes. In fact, this crazy lie had been told to her repeatedly by various staff at AOLA, ASHO and CCLA, in an attempt to give her a (false) hope that she could be cured of her illness.

Re: Scientologists concealing cameras while counseling [09 August 1997]
In *practice*, the listen-in devices were usually used ALSO as a method of monitoring the conversation between the registrar and the prospect, so that if the registrar was having trouble "closing the sale", another salesperson could "tag" or "double-team" and assist in handling the person's objections.

Re: Phone notes and phone logs [05 August 1997] 
About the Central Files and the Scientology paper trail.

Scientology is not a religion (IMO) - was Re: OC: The McDonald Papers #14 [04 August 1997]
If the IRS, or *anyone* ever wanted to follow the money trail in Scientology, it would be VERY simple -- *IF* one knew where to look!

Re: The vague possibility of mind control was: Re: Recovery Without the "Anticult"--It Can Be Done! [04 August 1997]
The first time I ever did "TR-0" I found myself hallucinating after a short while...

Re: Lisa McPherson in Newsweek this week [03 August 1997]
One way I have seen Scientologists "launder" money is by failing to invoice CASH and by failing to bank it...

Scientology lied to me over and over for years (continued) [31 July 1997]
I was sure that I was going to die. I took this accident as a sign that what the execs at ASHO had been telling me was true, and that I was "pulling in my motivator"...

Re: scientology school attempt [30 July 1997]
A key way for Scientology to make further inroads into society is through the broad acceptance of "study tech".

An example of $cientology's "ethics" [29 July 1997]
For the heinous crime of leaving a key in a xerox machine I was assigned the condition of TREASON....

Re: Scientology school attempt [29 July 1997]
The Scientology front group Applied Scholastics is yet another vehicle for recruitment.

DM & The Int'l Watchdog Committee ($cientology is EVIL) - was Re: Faking Hubbard's signature [29 July 1997]
One of the big lies perpetuated by Scientology was that "all mail addressed to Ron was received and answered by Ron".

Re: Censorship in $cientology (follow-up as promised) [25 July 1997]
$cientology is simply controlling thought and ideas by regulating what Sea Org members are exposed to.

A personal experience - was Re: Lisa McPherson in Newsweek this week [22 July 1997]
Scientology turns a blind eye to the crimes of its members.

Censorship in $cientology - was Re: Beebe tries to ban books [22 July 1997]
Scientology bans books.

Re: CofS worldwide income crashed in Aug 95 [21 July 1997]
Never before has there been so much bad press about Scientology.

Re: Deposition of David Miscavige (part 4 of 26) [20 July 1997]
Many EDs do not expire until they are cancelled, replaced or revised.

Re: $cientology "school" [08 July 1997]
My kids were NOT being properly cared for, educated or tutored.

Re: $cientology "school" [07 July 1997]
Sea Org members had virtually no time -- or money -- to look after their children.

Re: Flag Personnel in 1975 [02 July 1997]
Paulette Ausley and the RPF.

Re: Stats, etc. was Re: Good news for Scienos [20 June 1997]
Scientology has a course for everything.

Stats, etc. was Re: Good news for Scienos [19 June 1997]
A look at the number of Clears.

Re: Ron: the increase will be 10% per month [15 June 1997]
Scientology's rising prices.

Re: A statement of my purpose (#1a) [10 June 1997]
Why I have chosen to speak out.

Scientology's attitude to the mentally ill and those who help them.

$cientology membership numbers - was Re: I need a TLA for my PC to fix my NMI, stat. [09 June 1997]
Data collection and the Central Files.

Re: Arsclycans and Arsclycus [09 June 1997]
Position statement.

Re: what about the SCN creed? [09 June 1997]
Comments on the Creed of the "Church" of Scientology.

Re: only 45,000 clams [07 June 1997]
How many Scientologists are there? (definitely not 8 million)

fwd: Jerry Schmitz [07 June 1997]
Scientology is not compatible with Christian beliefs.

An answer for Jeff Jacobsen (was: Freedom mag. and biased reporters) [03 June 1997]
Can "Freedom Magazine" reporters be objective?

Re: Interiorization Rundown [01 June 1997]
What is the "Interiorization Rundown?"

Re: question for ex-members about lying for scientology [31 May 1997]
Scientology's attitude to lying.

Re: # 9 Lies of Scientology [31 May 1997]
Scientology's "services" are not what they are touted to be. 

Re: "I'm a cult veteran -- and I'm one tough son of a bitch" [28 May 1997]
I describe conditions in the RPF.

Re: Scientology lied to me over and over for years [26 May 1997]
I explain what drew me to alt.religion.scientology and why I decided to speak out.

Re: Scientology lied to me over and over for years [26 May 1997]
My reasons for leaving the Sea Org and recalling the circumstances under which I did so.

Re: Scientology lied to me over and over for years [25 May 1997]
How I found, upon reporting to the Sea Org after an arduous journey, that I had been lied to about their facilities for child care.

Re: Scientology lied to me over and over for years [24 May 1997]
More of the my experiences in the Sea Org.

Re: #3, Lies of Scientology [23 May 1997]
Scientology's claim that their organization has 8 million members/adherents is a bald-faced lie.

Scientology lied to me over and over for years [23 May 1997]
How I got into Scientology, and how I was lied to for the 8 years in which I was a member of the Sea Org.

Re: #2, Lies of Scientology [22 May 1997]
The primary concern of Scientology is to make money.

Re: Beware! and Documents Wanted! [18 April 1997] 
AOLA, ASHO D, ASHO F, LA Org Day, LA Org F, Flag, FOLO WUS and several other smaller Sea Org units were all incorporated under the CoSoC at the time Wollersheim started his case against the cult. There were *MILLIONS* of dollars in local org reserves for orgs under the CoSoC banner.

Chick Corea [18 April 1997] 
Chick has been a member of $cientology since at least 1970.

Sea Org hours, "pay", children's conditions and other degradation... [17 April 1997] 
During my years in the SO, I worked a minimum of 96 hours per week. Often I worked as much as 108 hours in a week. And my pay actually averaged about 10 cents per hour, since when I joined the SO, base pay per Flag Order 3075 of 18 November 1971 was $10 per week.

Re: SO children [15 April 1997]
My own child was in pre-school at the Cadet Org. The preparation for first grade was non-existent with the constant turnover of untrained and unqualified personnel (who were mostly cast-offs that the other orgs didn't want on staff as they were "DBs" - degraded beings). My kid ended up failing the first grade.

Re: Sea Org Children again [15 April 1997] 
In my Sea Org days, such heavy demand (and often threat) was made for staff to get their stats up that many staff did not go on their "family time" and visit their children.

Re: Lisa McPherson's FSM [11 April 1997 ] 
Since Sea Org members have *NO SOCIAL SECURITY* (FICA) withheld from their pay, there are *NO SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS* that they are eligible for should they leave the Sea Org in their old age, or should they become disabled.

For an organization whose Founder ElRon said that the "children are our future", I never saw the management demonstrate that it truly cared.

"A very mechanical rattletrap sort of switchboard" [06 April 1997] 
ElRon's definitions of "brain" and "mind"...

Re: The Running Program [11 February 1997]
The running program is part of the RPF.

Re: PTS/SP Course [07 February 1997] 
I want to stress that the materials [including disconnection policy] removed from the checksheet were NOT cancelled. They were simply removed from the course because they were limited distribution issues (CONFIDENTIAL) and as such had been "erroneously included on the course checksheet."

Re: More LIES of ElRon re: Supreme Being [04 February 1997] 
I once thought Scientology worked for me. Then I found out the WHOLE TRUTH of what ElRon said. I walked away from it feeling betrayed for having trusted Hubbard.

More LIES of ElRon re: Supreme Being [25 January 1997] 
Don't think you can practice Christianity and be a $cientologist at the same time.

Re: Condemning $cientology [08 January 1997] 
What is promised is a lot of incredible powers! What is delivered is betrayal, money-taking, and slave-driving, threatening and heavy-handed "ethics handlings."

Re: clam sleuth on the web [04 January 1997]
$igh'ntology DOES IN FACT gather information from WHATEVER sources it can and it DOES compile it in all sorts of files.

Research project?!? (yeah, right...) [02 January 1997] 
In March 1960, ElRon published "Have You Lived Before This Life?", which was subtitled "A Scientific Survey".

Re: [Black Lensman] - [01 January 1997]
In HCOB 17 March 1969 "POLITICS", Hubbard places the various form of government on the Tone Scale.


Cover-up of illegalities in Cadet Org [24 December 1996]
WHY is it that a group that SUPPOSEDLY cares so much about the future of this planet, and which states that the children ARE our future, could this same group tolerate such sub-human conditions for their children?

Neglect of children in Sea Org [19 December 1996]

Children in Sea Org [18 December 1996]
An excerpt from Flag Order 1630 entitled "GOVERNESS" dated 3 December 1968.

Re: Purification Rundown ? [17 December 1996]
Miss X's health was permanently damaged by the Purification Rundown.

Re: Which way did he (LRH) go? [17 December 1996]
The RPF was the LARGEST ORGANIZATION IN PAC at that time with 200 staff in $igh'ntology's PRISON for "rehabilitation".

Re: Ex-members. More than current? [15 December 1996]
The number of ex-members surpassed current members a LONG time ago.

Re: Another Disappearance [09 December 1996]
I have seen many victims of the Co$ during my decades of involvement in and subsequent leaving of $igh'ntology.

For the record [05 December 1996]
$igh'ntology will NEVER change its operating basis. It is written in their tek that "enemies" are to be sued, lied to, tricked, cheated, infiltrated, "dead-agented", "third partied" and destroyed by any means.

TRUTH Revealed - (Was THE CULT OF THE ANTI-CULT) [02 December 1996]
One of the MANY BIG LIES of $igh'ntology is that it claims 7 or 8 million members.

To Heidrun Beer from Miss X [01 December 1996]
ElRon was a dictatorial and hypocritical tyrant. 

Re: The Oddness of New Co$ Strategy [30 November 1996]
$igh'ntology purports to support freedom of speech. This is a very big lie.

Just a few comments [29 November 1996]
Who Miss X is not...

Tricks of the trade [27 November 1996]
How Scientology manipulates the bestseller lists.

Re: Suppression and "SPs"... [26 November 1996]
All of the following former $igh'ntology staff (mostly See Org at one time) are people who worked VERY closely with and/or for ElRon. They are ALL declared "SPs" now...

Re: You can't quit until you confess [25 November 1996]
Some of the control mechanisms used to prevent staff from leaving $cn.

re: Miss X sez... [23 November 1996]
Miss X goes into lurk mode.

L. Ron Hubbard's Tricky Finance Policies [12 November 1996]
Here are some enlightening excerpts from Hubbard showing how he pretended to resign from managing the affairs of the cult. 

Re: BAVARIA [05 November 1996]
Juicy quotes from Hubbard's "Keeping Scientology Working".

How $cientology management attempted to subvert justice proceedings brought against them, their 'cover story' manufactured, and how they LIED to even their own staff about where and why certain key executives were leaving the country.

Re: Miss X on "my philosophy" [02 November 1996]
On the one hand, Hubbard said to "...ignore the selfish intellectual who cries: 'Don't expose the mystery' ", but the rest of the time he mandated that the upper levels be kept secret and hidden...


While on staff in the Sea Org, I had personal knowledge of two Sea Org staff and one "public person" who suffered psychotic breaks and were locked up in "ISO" (isolation).

We of the Church believe: [24 October 1996] 
An excerpt from the "Creed" of the "Church" of Scientology.

Toothaches, arthritis, lumbago, stoves, ashtrays and pyramids! [24 October 1996] 
Some of Hubbard's outrageous claims, including this gem: "OTs don't have lumbago."

Miss X on "my philosophy" [23 October 1996]
The "church" is of course against the very idea of informed consent.

Miss X on Ron Chester and Data Series 43RA [08 October 1996]
This policy letter defines some of the responsibilities of the Guardian Office, later known as the Office of Special Affairs: Handling the public, handling legal and handling "other things".

LRH on BLACK PROPAGANDA [20 Sepember 1996]
About the most involved employment of PR [public relations] is its COVERT USE IN DESTROYING THE REPUTE of individuals and groups.

RPF's RPF and the RPF [20 Sepember 1996]
The restrictions applied to people assigned to the RPF's RPF are...

Re: Is information divulged during auditing sessions always kept confidential? [17 September 1996]
Information divulged during auditing sessions is *not* always kept confidential.


Open letter from Miss X -- another Old Timer and Big Brother's BIG sister [17 September 1996]
Why the "Church" of Scientology is a suppressive group.


My Scientology Certificates, Awards and Sea Org Contracts
My comments on these are now webbed.

Letters from "Ron"; The Controller, Mary Sue; and The Guardian World Wide, Jane Kember
With my comments to give some background to these letters.



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