Re: How Lisa might REALLY have died
[11 Jan 1998]

I would estimate that for every ONE page of a Scientology document related to Lisa's
treatment I HAVE read, there are A HUNDRED pages I haven't seen. I GUARANTEE you that
it is rare for files to get LOST by Scientologists.

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Subject: Re: How Lisa might REALLY have died
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In article <>, says...
>Thank you for going to the trouble of locating those quotes, Warrior.
>I've included those that made me think "thromboembolism" when I first
>read the baby watch notes.

You are welcome.

What most disturbs me is that I KNOW THAT Scientology is hiding
and/or withholding information about Lisa's isolation treatment
under the watch and during the guard by the CULT of the "modern
'science' of mental health" (Scientology), which has also been
called a FINANCIAL INSTITUTION by their founder, L Ron Hubbard.

I wish the world could learn of information pertaining to Lisa's
isolation - information which is claimed by Scientology to have been
"lost" and/or "unlocatable".

I wish I could see the ORIGINAL notes, including ALL reports
written by Janis Johnson, Dr. Minkhoff and ALL persons who
observed ANYTHING having to do with Lisa's psychotic break.

Of course, in order for Scientology to COME CLEAN and actually
COOPERATE with the investigation, it is my plea that the organization
pull out the WITHHELD "ethics" files, the "knowledge reports", the
daily "Case Supervisor" instructions, SECURITY WATCH personnel reports,
COMPLIANCE reports, etc. In order to honestly COME CLEAN on the whole
subject of Lisa's sad death, it would of course be necessary for
Scientology to release Lisa's personnel file, ethics file and statistics
for her jobs (in the Sea Org and at AMC Publishing), records of course
completions, auditing actions, ACCOUNTS FILE records and any "PTS
handlings" done on Lisa.

Any internal actions taken by Scientology to ensure "CORRECTION OF
INDIVUDUALS" involved with Lisa's isolation should be turned over to
the court. AND any prior "ethics & justice handlings" done before Lisa's
death (like Comm Evs, Courts of Ethics, RPF assignments, lower condition
assignments, post transfers, Boards of Investigations, OSA Invests,
Situation Handling Evals, Amends Projects, etc) should be disclosed.

Cramming orders issued should be provided for inspection.

Original documents should be available for inspection.


have claimed, then WHY does the cult WITHHOLD SO MUCH INFORMATION

Do they not have the courage of their convictions to back up their
statements by providing evidence to support their statements? Of
course, as we have already seen, various Scientologists have told
CONTRADICTORY information!

I would estimate that for every ONE page of a Scientology document
related to Lisa's treatment I HAVE read, there are A HUNDRED pages I
haven't seen.

I GUARANTEE you that it is rare for files to get LOST by Scientologists.

It is FAR MORE COMMON that files are REMOVED from their CORRECT
LOCATION (Organization, Division, Department, Section, Unit, etc).
The FSO logs I have seen cover only ELEVEN DAYS out of EIGHTEEN that Lisa
was in isolation on the Introspection Rundown. I suspect that some of
the photocopies I have read are not accurate "FACSIMILIES" (in the
Scientology sense of the word), but rather are photocopies of ALTERED

That's why I would like to see the originals, e.g., to see whether
quotation marks have been added around words like "guard".

Has a WITHHOLD been missed, Scientology?

(More of my statements follow as the end of this article.)

>>10) From FSO 149, 30 Nov 95 and FSO 150 1 Dec 95, written by Rita Edwards
>> Boykin:
>> "9 PM - 1 AM Awake. On the floor scooting around, moving arms & legs
>> & speaking & groaning."
>> "1 AM Dr. Johnson just visited. Not possible for her to have any
>> more chloral hydrate."
>> "9:15 AM She is using her legs to kick again."
>> "9:45 This AM she is deliberate & nasty - even evil."
>>12) From FSO 152, 2 Dec 95, written by Rita Boykin:
>> "She has scratches and abrasions all over her body & on her elbows
>> & knees has pressure sores."
>>14) From FSO 154, 2 Dec 95, written by Rita Boykin:
>> "1 AM She feels the pain of the bruises on her body and comments on
>> it when she is moved [!] or bumps herself."
>> "1 - 1:30 Tried to feed her again but wouldn't take anything. She
>> thought we were psyches or other enemies who wanted to kill her."
>> "10 AM ...this AM she was very confused & combative & continues"
>>16) From FSO 740, undated and unsigned:
>> "Per Heather [Hoff] she also had a lot of bruises on her legs, feet,
>> arms, etc from kicking things hitting the walls etc."
>> "Lisa was extremely agitated and active. She was combative with the
>> other girls staying with her and would ramble on about things,
>> occasionally threatening to attack them."
>> "She [Rita Boykin] reported that she [Lisa] was weak and not eating
>> much at all [on 30 Nov 95]. ...she has noticeably dropped wieght"
>> [sic]
>> "Last 24 hours Lisa had a swollen jaw on the left side of the face
>> and when [Rita was] attempting to feed her complained about pain
>> in the throat."
>>19) From FSO 743, undated and unsigned:
>> "Lisa acted like she hurt everywhere."
>It's painful even to read these reports. I shudder to think of what
>Lisa McPherson was forced to endure during her incarceration at the
>hands of a group of people she trusted.
>Diane Richardson

I have a pretty damned good idea of what she went through. I have
seen other Scientologists (Terry Findley is a good example) in ISOLATION.
I have known other Scientologists who participated in "BABY WATCHES"
of "Type III PTSes" (Scienospeak for persons who have suffered psychotic

According to Scientology's OWN POLICIES, Lisa SHOULD HAVE BEEN ALLOWED
TO SEEK AND OBTAIN PROPER *MEDICAL* CARE! I will post titles and excerpts
from the applicable policies by Hubbard which comprise the beliefs
and operating policies and procedures of Scientologists.

Do you hear me, Heber?

I hope Ken Dandar uses in court what I have written. I am looking
forward to seeing your face when your cult members testify.

I am SO OUTRAGED that I want to sit next to the plaintiff's legal
counsel while your organization's members are testifying. I want to
HELP COACH Mr. Dandar while he questions the Scientology witnesses,
assuming of course that there is a civil trial for wrongful death.

I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE I could tell the right questions to get to
the truth. I know how to catch Scientologists LYING by using "TRs"
training against Scientologists. I have studied and applied the Data
Series as well.

Scientology has always said that one of its "missions" in this
world is to "put ethics in" on others.

I believe it is HIGH TIME that the organization comes clean to

Are not Scientologists supposed to obey the laws of the country,
as written in _The Way To Happiness?_, e.g., "Don't do anything

Are not Scientologists supposed to obey the policies of their
founder, Hubbard?

OK then... *Where* are the MISSING REPORTS, Scientology?

Have "withholds" been missed yet?