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Around 1979, the CMO did a mission to PAC..... The purpose of the mission was
to put into practice a new finance system in the PAC area orgs.

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>On 6 Oct 1997 15:00:02 -0400, Anonymous <nobody@REPLAY.COM> wrote:
>> Personal Verification of Zegel Tape 1
>> On the first Zegel tape, he mentions Herbie Parkhouse as the
>>mastermind behind Religious Research Foundation and bank accounts
>>set up in Luxembourg. He just says that he is well known in Church
>>history, but gives no details. Here is what I know of Herbie, a tall
>>thin man on the older side (compared to the rest of us), the head of the
>>Guardians Office Finance Bureau in the 1970's.
>I do not have a lot to add to this generally accurate report about
>Herbie Parkhouse. I got to know Herbie a bit when I was at WW for
>finance training and he *was* a jerk. His post title was DGFWW. He
>was hated by many people. When the CMO took over the GO, Herbie was
>declared (along with David Gaimen and others) and there was general
>rejoicing in the SO.
>Hubbard had been lavish in his praise of Parkhouse and said that
>Parkhouse was the one missionaire that he could always count on to get
>the job done. Parkhouse used a rough and abusive management style;
>belittling, fear inducing and sometimes physically demanding.
>Parkhouse at times would have people run from place to place in
>probationary periods when their continued holding of their posts was
>put into doubt in order to psychologically condition them.
>Parkhouse knew Hubbard's finance policies better than anyone that I
>ever knew. There once was a long period of time when all he did is
>"eat, sleep and read" Hubbard's Management policies. He parlayed this
>knowledge into his position of DGFWW, which was the senior GO
>financial position in the world.
>I heard in the 80's that Herbie was running a taxi stand at Heathrow.
>-Neal H.
I met Herbie shortly before he was declared SP. He had called me on
the phone one night while I was in my office in Cedars. He wanted me to
bring stat graphs of the org's Cash/Bills ratio over to him at FOLOWUS.
I complied immediately, of course.

Upon meeting him I was immediately struck with the impression that
he was one *very* tired man. He looked like he hadn't slept for days.
Herbie had a reputation as being a totally *ruthless* and "unreasonable"
"product officer". When he wanted something done, it got done. Often he
would work flat-out for days on end. His one-time personal secretary,
Trina Green, and I had a very interesting conversation about Herbie
once. She wouldn't say anything "bad" about Herbie, but her difficulty
in choosing words to answer my questions about Herbie was very telling
in and of itself.

Trina was transferred overseas to the US (from the GOWW Finance Bureau)
and was posted in ASHO Day's TTC (Tech Training Corps). She married Kenny
Shapiro, the Chief Body Reg at ASHO D and had his baby. Some of you ars
readers may be familiar with the name Ken Shapiro. Steve Fishman mentions
him in his affidavit as being a Course Supervisor. Also, an "Orders,
Query Of" written by Ken Shapiro regarding his "family time" (actually
*lack* of) has been mentioned as well.

Herbie not only knew Hubbard's finance policies better than anyone
else, he even authored numerous BPLs on finance himself. I still have
copies of all of them - things like "Financial Management Standardization
Series" and the "Accounts Audits Series" issues. As DGF WW, Herbie was a
*sole* signatory on *every* Scientology bank account throughout the world,
as were Jane Kember and Mary Sue Hubbard.

Around 1979, the CMO did a mission to PAC. I believe it was CMO Int
Mission 88. The purpose of the mission was to put into practice a new
finance system in the PAC area orgs. The new system was called the
"Staff Pay System". It was also referred to as the "CGI/VSD System".
This new finance system *drastically* changed the existing finance
system which had been in use. It greatly increased the amount of money
to be taken off the top of the orgs' CGI and sent to Sea Org Reserves.
It also drastically decreased the amounts allocated to the orgs' "crew
welfare", "promo" and "basic expenses".

This new finance system contradicted existing HCO PLs which had been
in force. The really odd thing was that the new issues were green ink
on white paper, yet they were signed by the Watchdog Committee and the
Board of Directors. And on top of that, the existing PLs were never

When a staff member named Marty Sherman over at LA Org became too
vocal in his opposition to the new finance system, the CMO Int Mission
declared him SP on the spot. After his declare, everyone shut up and
just accepted the new system. Obviously the new issues were "off-Source",
but the PAC area staff were told that they *were* "Command intention"
and in fact that "LRH had approved their issuance".

For the next two years, staff conditions were intolerable. The SO crew
frequently had nothing but oatmeal and skim milk for breakfast, and rice
and beans for lunch and dinner. Staff pay, when we were given any, was
usually about $3 - $5 per week. During 1981, there were 23 weeks we were
given no pay at all!