Censorship in $cientology - was Re: Beebe tries to ban books
[22 Jul 1997]

Scientology bans books.

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Subject: Censorship in $cientology - was Re: Beebe tries to ban books
Date: 22 Jul 1997 20:30:59 -0700
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wgert@loop.com (wgert) wrote:
> >I don't agree with Jim Beebe's idea to trample on the free speech
> >of Scientology. It is hypocritical. Might as well ask people to start
> >burning books again. People have a right to make up their own minds
> >about Scientology, not have the information denied them because Jim
> >Beebe doesn't like it.
tilman@berlin.snafu.de (Tilman Hausherr replied:
> First Jim he was only against the deceptive display, he was not for
> "banning". Second, it is of course OK for you to ban Jon Atack's,
> Paulette Cooper's and Russell Miller's book or TIME magazine. You simply
> accuse on what you have been doing. Hubbard was right, when he spoke
> about the scientologists weird logic.

Wgert is spreading a shopworn $cienoLIE. Beebe isn't for banning
books, and I won't sit by and see a lie advanced by wgert saying so.

The truth is that $cientology BANS books. I can post excerpts from an
issue written by $cientology management and released shortly after David
Miscavige took over control of the cult. The issue *EXPRESSLY FORBIDS*
certain books from being displayed or sold in $cientology bookstores.

For years, certain books like Miracles for Breakfast and Ups and
Downs, both by Ruth Minshull (a $cientologist), had been sold in
$cientology orgs' and missions' bookstores. Another book sold by the
Orgs and Missions was written by Peter Gillham (the vitamin guy who
once had a $cientology franchise in Phoenix).

All books *NOT* written by "Hubbard" were *NOT* to be displayed,
stocked, sold or traded since they were not "SOURCE". I will dig up
the issue forbidding the sale of "non-LRH" books, and I will follow up
this post with more information.[My followup post is webbed here]

I would also like to add that not only does $cientology ban books,
but the right to own a *television set* is taken away by $cientology. I have
an issue on *THAT* too! And I will dig it up and post the reference. [See
above link.]

In fact I had a TV set in 1982 in my berthing room in the Main building of
the Cedars Complex where Sea Org members berth. One afternoon I went to
my berthing after lunch to discover that the TV set was gone.

I was really pissed that someone had stolen it! I was especially
upset because the TV set belonged to a friend of mine named Claudia,
and I had borrowed it from her with her permission, while promising
to return it in a few days. So, upon discovering the TV set missing,
I immediately reported it to the MAA (Master at Arms) of CESO (Cedars
Estates Service Org). I was informed by him that "It wasn't stolen...
The CMO [Commodore's Messenger Org] *confiscated* it!" because we were
now FORBIDDEN to have TV sets! I said "SHIT! The damn thing wasn't even
mine! I borrowed it from a friend, and I REALLY need to get it back!!"
He (Steve Boykin^) told me that they had placed all the confiscated TV
sets in the basement of Cedars and locked them up in a big caged-in

So off I went trying to find the TV set. I never was able to find
it, and everyone I asked "didn't know anything" about it. And I just
got referred all over the place. No one took any responsibility for
the theft! And I was left owning my friend Claudia a color TV set,
which I could ill afford on a Sea Org member's allowance of $24 a week.

In the Sea Org we were also not allowed to read newspapers either,
lest we be exposed to "entheta" (truth) about $cientology and/or
the organization's dictatorial founder, L Ron Hubbard.

Warrior - Sunshine disinfects

^ Steve Boykin is most likely the father of Rita Boykin, one of the Sea
Org staff members at Flag who "cared" for Lisa McPherson while she was
in ISOLATION at Flag where she died of severe dehydration.