Re: question for ex-members about lying for scientology
[31 May 1997]

Scientology's attitude to lying.

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Subject: Re: question for ex-members about lying for scientology
Date: 31 May 1997 10:03:47 -0700
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In article <>, says...
>I already told about the definition of HONESTY in scientology:
>HONESTY, sanity and honesty consist of producing a valuable final
>product for which one is then recompensed with support and good will to
>the producer of the product.
>My question for ex-members: did it ever happen that your supervisor
>directly told you that it is OK to lie to non-members in order to handle
>them? And how did it happen, what excuse was used for it? Was the quote
>above (from the admin dict) used?

Yes. It has happened that some of my seniors have told me that it is OK
to lie to non-members. There are numerous times I experienced this while I
was in the Sea Org. The excuse (rationalization) used is that it is "the
greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics". Also, Hubbard wrote
in The Way To Happiness, "What is true is what is true for you." and "Do
not tell harmful lies."

Also, in the Sea Org, it is a major crime to betray one's position (at
Sea) which results in a lower condition being assigned. The condition
assigned for "out-security" is TREASON. (ref: Flag Order 1467 Conditions).
The GO and OSA use the "acceptable guise" routine in order to infiltrate
a business or government (or other "enemy").

Then there is the practice of telling an "acceptable truth" instead of
telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Also taught in Scientology is TR-L. This is drilled on certain staff
(usually executives or those expected to testify in court) for the purpose
of protecting Scientology. Operation Quaker is a good example of how Dick
Weigand and others even lied to their own staff members regarding other
staff members' location and activities.

I should also mention the use of a "shore story" in Scientology, and
especially in the Sea Org. A shore story is a tale concocted that conceals
the true nature of an activity or group. Examples are the whereabouts of
L. Ron Hubbard (when he was alive), or the activities of the Sea Org with
regards to their presence in various ports of foreign countries.
"TR-9" is a drill (training routine) designed by Hubbard to "make students
able to maintain Tone 40 under any stress or duress" (ref: HCOB 7 May 68 Upper
Indoc[trination] TRs).

Hubbard also coined a term "the Black Panther mechanism" (ref: DMSMH, pg.
147). He defines the 5 ways "in which a human reacts toward a source of
danger". They are: 1) attack 2) flee 3) avoid 4) neglect 5) succumb. Usually
the Scientologists ATTACK. That's what Hubbard taught should be done to handle
psychs, the press, the government, the police, the medicos, the bankers, the
media, and others viewed as SPs. If an attack cannot be successfully launched,
the next most employed mechanism is #3 - avoidance.

This is where changing the subject or steering the conversation away from
the actual issue at hand come in. Used in conjunction with "drilled and
coached" TRs, a person can be taught to lie quite convincingly.

I have seen it done so many times over the years that I could write a book
about it. One of the most common lies in Scientology is the denial of the
actual beliefs on the upper levels in regards to Xenu, BTs, etc. to the extent
that members (and potential members) are told that exposure to the OT materials
will cause a person to become very sick and die.

As is the case with many of the lies advanced by Scientologists, the
practice of lying is commonly accomplished by the successful implanting of
a lie in the mind of members. This is done by feeding false information to
members that then becomes accepted by many a "truth". This "truth" or "data"
then is successfully repeated by the members to others.

A good example of this is the practice of Scientologists telling members
and "GI prospects" that NOTs can handle various illnesses like cancer or
diabetes. I have seen this done to people in an effort to get them to have
a false hope for a cure for their illness (and to get them to part with their
money, of course).

My own wife, Victoria, had juvenile onset diabetes. As such she was insulin
dependent. She was told by various Scientology regges in the Sea Org and FSMs
in PAC that she should get up through NOTs, as it would "handle" her illness.

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