Re: "I'm a cult veteran -- and I'm one tough son of a bitch"
[28 May 1997]

I describe conditions in the RPF.

From: Warrior <>
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Subject: Re: "I'm a cult veteran -- and I'm one tough son of a bitch"
Date: 28 May 1997 11:39:18 -0700
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SKYE <> wrote:

>> (Bernie) wrote:

> Make up stories? Distort them? Only in your paranoid mind Bernie.

>> I contend the contrary. I say that people who bring up stories
>> of cult members locked up in basement and being tortured in the
>> RPFs are the paranoid trying to give a distorted view of the COS.

Well Bernie,

Have you ever been in the Sea Org? If not, then it is very unlikely
that you would ever have seen any RPF members being deprived of sleep.
During the late 70s in PAC, some RPFers I knew were only allowed 3 hrs
of sleep for every 30 hrs "on the decks". At that time the renovation of
the Cedars Complex was occurring. The RPF was the largest org in PAC. The
"product officering" was being done ruthlessly, with a TOTAL disregard for
any "HE&R" (human emotion and reaction) that may have been voiced. I saw
RPF members, like Bill Skrifvars, Larry Spencer, Eddie Hansen, Allen Grondin,
Jim Chapman, Elaine Savitsky, Paul Koval, Bobby Giles, Al Crivello, Sam Loria,
John Bostrom, Wendy Bostrum and Bobby Shaffner being driven like slaves.
This is no exaggeration. Try doing HARD LABOR, constantly running everywhere
you go, and only being fed rice and beans. I guarantee your health will suffer
in very short order.

Plus, I know of at least two instances where Sea Org members were put
into isolation. They had experienced PSYCHOTIC BREAKS, Bernie. I saw these
SO members. I saw the degraded conditions they were confined to.
The trouble is that the world in general, and even most Scientologists
and Sea Org members never see the ISOLATION cases, because Scientology places
the ISOLATED ("Type 3") cases in a location far removed from the public
"lines". I only happened to see one girl in ISO by accident because I had
gotten on the main building elevator and had forgotten to press the button for
the floor I wanted to go to. Instead I ended up going up to the top floor of
the Main building (at the Cedars Complex).

In two other cases of ISO, I only found out about them because fellow SO
members mentioned them. I knew some SO members (like Dave Cintron and Bill
Duckhorn) who actually guarded people in ISO.

So Bernie, ...

It appears that you have bought into your cult's LIES. Abuses DO occur.
I know because I have seen them.

Didn't Hubbard say that you should only believe or accept as true that which
you have observed to be true?

I am asking you, were you ever in the Sea Org, Bernie? If not, then it does
appear to me that you are just forwarding your cult's propaganda line.

I was in the Sea Org and actually observed the things I have stated above,
AND I would testify under oath and before God as my witness, if I were ever
asked to do so. And I would do it without being paid to do so.

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