Sea Org hours, "pay", children's conditions and other degradation...
[17 Apr 1997]

During my years in the SO, I worked a minimum of 96 hours per week.
Often I worked as much as 108 hours in a week. And my pay actually
averaged about 10 cents per hour, since when I joined the SO, base
pay per Flag Order 3075 of 18 November 1971 was $10 per week.

From: Miss X <>
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Subject: Sea Org hours, "pay", children's conditions and other degradation...
Date: 17 Apr 1997 14:00:14 -0400
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> > Re: Sea Org hours
> > On Wed, 16 Apr 1997 18:38:57 +0100
> > Roland <> wrote:
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> > From what I understand, Sea Org members are expected to work in excess
> > of one hundred hours a week. Their output must continually rise or there
> > are "ethics" penalties such as not having Saturday morning off and
> > missing further sleep, eating beans and rise or going to the RPF.

When I was in the SO our basic schedule was:

Sunday through Friday 8AM to 10:30PM. Most nights we had a "muster"
(staff meeting) at 10:30, so we usually got off at around 10:45-11:00PM.

On Saturdays we very occasionally got the whole day off *IF* we had
been "upstat" the previous week ending Thursday 2PM for stat
purposes, *AND* *IF* we were "on quota" to have our stats up
again for the current week that had begun 2PM Thursday.

Most Saturdays we were *required* to work at least half a day.

There were frequent exceptions to this basic schedule. A good example
is the "all hands" that were announced, such as "bulk mail parties"
<ha! that's a good one -- "parties"!!>. These so-called "parties" were
to address the Auditor Magazine, or clean the org (called "CSP", for
clean ship program = clean the whole org to "white glove standards")
or for some other thing like a "Hill Ten" (emergency affecting the
financial status of the cult), or some other "URGENT" matter for
*IMMEDIATE COMPLIANCE* !! It seems there was always something.
(Maybe a CMO Mission or a Flag Mission or a World Wide Mission or an
OSA Order.) The possibilities were endless...

Usually I worked all night on Wednesday night in order to get my stats
up. This meant that I got no sleep from the time I got up on Wednesday
morning (6AM) until I finally got all my work done on Friday night
(approxmately 11PM-midnight. Often I had to be back on post at 8 or 9
AM Saturday morning.

In addition to the above schedule, most staff were required to hold
"QM duty" (for quartermaster). This is the holding of a security
watch which runs from 11PM until 8AM the next morning. I did these
approximately once eevery 10 days (the staff all did these on a
rotating basis).

During my years in the SO, I worked a minimum of 96 hours per week.
Often I worked as much as 108 hours in a week. And my pay actually
averaged about 10 cents per hour, since when I joined the SO, base
pay per Flag Order 3075 of 18 November 1971 was $10 per week.

By the 80s, base pay had gone up to $24 per week, so I was making
an average pay of about 24 cents per hour! (hop-zippity-doo-wah-yay)

That's why I never had time to think, had no car and never went
anywhere. I had no money for anything beyond basic needs like
toothpaste, laundry soap, bath soap, deodorant, toilet paper, etc.

I can remember feeling very "withholdy" (guilty) for taking toilet
paper from the public restrooms in the org! <sheesh>

During the last couple of years I was in the Sea Org our pay was
often non-existent. During one year in the early 80s there were
more weeks we got *NO PAY AT ALL* than there were weeks where we
got paid something. And frequently we got half pay ($8.60) or
one quarter pay ($4.30).

I can honestly say that it was a very degrading experience. And
the pay cuts or lack of pay were due to the org's "GI" (gross
income) being down, not due to my own personal post stats being
down. You see, as a part of the group, you suffer along with
*ALL* if the "regges" don't make much income for the org, OR if
management orders that $20,000 be sent to SO Reserves or to Flag
(for purchase of new buildings or a ship, for example), OR if
someone demands and gets a large refund from the org, etc.

There are lots of ways that $cientology takes all the money for
management leaving "none for pay"...

Even when some of the orgs had over a million dollars in reserves,
the staffs did not get paid, because it is "LRH Policy" not to
spend reserves!!!

The money from sales of books, tapes, etc. written by ElRon was
Publications, even if it meant that the Sea Org staff got NO PAY!

> > As for their children, they are allowed to see them for only one hour
> > per day but only if their stats are continually rising.

ElRon even stated that parents were "knocking kids' hats off"
and "undermining their posts" by taking libs with their children
when their kids' stats were not up! So it was a double whammy.
We had to make sure our stats *AND* our kids stats were both up!

> > These are insane working conditions that are illegal. This is also child
> > neglect which is illegal. Think of the psychological stress these people
> > are in, parents and children.

Yeah, For 10 years after I got out of the SO, I didn't even talk to
family about it. They couldn't imagine how I had ever tolerated the
things i did for *SO LONG*. I had tried to explain the scene I had
been in, and they didn't want to hear about it because it depressed
them too much! They were just *GLAD* to know I was out of the cult.

> > Also as I understand it people are prevented from escaping from these
> > places the Sea Org are berthed. That are actually guarded to make sure
> > they don't escape. This means they have been imprisoned.

Well, there are security guards all over with two-way radios. There is
a policy HCO PL "Leaving and Leaves" which makes it a "SUPPRESSIVE ACT"
to inform "fellow staff members and others that one is leaving". Plus
it is virtually impossible to just walk right out *WITH* all one's
stuff, even if it is just a suitcase full of clothes.

In addition to that, all staff are "*REQUIRED*" to get a "Leaving Staff
Sec Check" and disclose all crimes and "withholds" from the group.

> > The description of the living standards of Sea Org children I have seen
> > in affidavits and from ex-members makes me shudder. It is an unfit
> > environment for children.

But the problem is that staff "agree to it all" (truth is that the
conditions are all justified and very well explained away). Staff
are afraid to leave, to have to disconnect from their friends, to
go out in the "wog" world full of "SPs", etc. It's just part of the
incredible CONTROL the whole evil gradual system of indoctrination
into the Sea Org manages to accomplish. Being in the Sea Org gives
many staff a sense of worthiness, a feeling of contributing to a
lofty goal, a worthwhile *PURPOSE* in life.

*PURPOSE* - that's the button that was successfully pushed on me
to get me to join the Sea Org.

> > This is surely enough reason for the authorities to close these places
> > down.

I started to answer this in the paragraph above as to why this whole
situation persists. It is all very well hidden from the rest of the
world. A non-member cannot just simply walk in and demand a guided
tour. Staff are specially trained to handle any reporters, govt.
officials, lawyers, etc. that may come calling. ElRon wrote *VERY*
*SPECIFIC* policies on how to handle such "entheta" attacks by the
"evil psych-backed SPs" (which includes ANYONE who would investigate
or attempt to "sit in judgement upon" $cientology).

Miss X - Another Old Timer and ex-Sea Org member and "OT"